CoNE Entry - Examples of Searching

a. To search for all etymologies in which a particular change is mentioned:

NB To identify each example of ((IFV)) in the results report, use your browser’s own search facility.

b. To search for all orthographic changes in the Corpus of Changes:

NB OCCURRENCE is useful if looking for part of a word, e.g. unique forms attested in LAEME CTT with initial SC. For that case, enter SC in the FOR STRING box and identify this string as being part of a WORD rather than FIELD. By selecting INITIAL under OCCURRENCE, the search results will be restricted to individual sets of unique forms containing at least one SC-initial form, e.g. SCHILD (under $child/n), SCHOLE (under $school/n), SCELD (inter alia under $shield/n). NB The search results would not include any set of forms containing SC-initial forms that were listed only with a leading hyphen or any other non-alphabetic character.