Recommended Browsers

The website is checked using the latest versions of Firefox running on Apple Macintosh OS 10.6+, Linux and Windows and also Safari and Google Chrome on Apple Macintosh OS 10.6+.

For best results in using this website, we recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Browser advice and information will be updated from time to time as we resolve issues or are made aware of problems.

Required Fonts

The resources in the CoNE website include non-standard characters (lots!), which require special fonts.

For best results, you should install the fonts Junicode and Cardo.

Note that different browsers may not treat some characters consistently.

The character set used is Unicode (UTF-8), so it is best to use a browser that supports Unicode.

If you use Internet Explorer be sure to un-check "Ignore font styles" under Accessibility / Formatting in "Internet Options" or special characters will not be rendered.