About CoNE

Welcome to the Corpus of Narrative Etymologies (CoNE).

What does CoNE contain?

• a set of Tasks which allow you to search the databases

• a Corpus of Etymologies (CE), which provides a narrative etymology (see Introduction chapter 8) for every form type in the LAEME CTT, and a Corpus of Changes, which explicates the phonological and morphological changes invoked in the CE

What can I do with CoNE?

CoNE will allow you to:

Clicking on the CoNE title takes you to the main page. Here you will see a set of ‘Task bars’. Beside each Task is an information button. Clicking on the information beside a Task will give you information about the Task. You will also be able to view and browse the CoNE ‘Manual’ [in preparation and to be added shortly] on the banner at the top of the Main Page.

Further Information in brief

A full explication of CoNE may be found in the Introduction.

What is still to come?

Incomplete facilities

1. Maps

Copyright and Citation

CoNE is intended as a non-commercial research and teaching resource. We ask you to respect the materials you use in the same way that you would those in a printed book, with appropriate citation and regard for copyright. The CoNE website and its materials are the copyright of The University of Edinburgh. For information about citing CoNE please go to Citing CoNE CoNE and for important information about copyright please read the CoNE Copyright statement.

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