Links to Related Resources

On-line resources related to languages of the British Isles in the late medieval period

A Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots, I: 1380-1500
— Presents a linguistic geography for Early Scots and the first half of the Early Middle Scots period.

Middle English Grammar Project
— aims at a description of Middle English orthography, morphology and phonology.

Oxford English Dictionary
— the major dictionary for the English Language.*

Historical Thesaurus of English
— English words from Old English to the Present in a searchable thesaurus.

Thesaurus of Old English
— a searchable database of Old English words.

An Icelandic-English Dictionary by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson
— searchable online, indexed with TIFF and PNG image scans, and HTML text conversion.

Anglo-Norman Dictionary
— a dictionary of French used in Britain between 1066 and ca 1450.

*Note: Subscriber-only access. Nevertheless, if you do not have a personal subscription, you may be able to access this resource through your university, college or other library.