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The 10th 
Manchester Phonology Meeting

With a special session on
Phonological acquisition: endowments and paths

1.00pm Thursday 23rd - 3.40pm Saturday 25th May 2002
University of Manchester
in collaboration with Edge Hill College of Higher Education, Newcastle University and the Universite de Toulouse-Le Mirail
and with support from the Linguistics Association of Great Britain

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Due to the number of high quality abstracts submitted, there are some parallel session this year. We have tried to schedule these at 'non-peripheral' times, when, in our experience, most people are in attendance, and some of the parallel sessions are themed. The programme is available on a separate page - to see it, click here. The programme is relatively fixed now, although some slight alterations may still occur...

Travel and accommodation
Detailed information on accommodation possibilities and on how to get to the conference (with a selection of maps) are provided on separate pages:

Special session
Following the success of such sessions in previous years, a special themed session has been organised for Friday afternoon by Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (Newcastle), Phil Carr (Montpellier) and Patrick Honeybone (Edge Hill). This will feature five invited speakers and will conclude in an open discussion session when contributions will be welcome from the audience.

Phonological acquisition: endowments and paths
Child acquisition of phonology poses some intriguing questions, such as: How does the child get started? Assuming that the child begins without a phonological system, how the child come to possess one? With the aid of principles and parameters, or constraints, given by universal grammar? Or by means of focussing in on specific patterns in the ambient language, using general cognitive capacities? How can we best account for the widely attested variation in individual pathways towards the acquisition of a phonological system? How do we best characterise the distinction and relation between the child's perceptual capacities and their productive capacities? Are the child's performance patterns a matter of mere 'performance'?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed in the session, along with the discussion of our speakers' acquisition data.

Gerry Docherty (University of Newcastle) & Paul Foulkes (University of York)
Paula Fikkert (University of Nijmegen)
James M. Scobbie (Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh)
Marilyn Vihman (University of Wales Bangor)
Sophie Wauquier-Gravelines (University of Nantes)

Booking form
The conference fee is GBP 80.00 (for bookings received by 7th May 2002). Packages excluding one or more meals are also available at a reduced rate. Students and unwaged participants pay the reduced rate of GBP 40.00 (for bookings received by 7th May 2002) for the full conference package.

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This is the MFM organising committee. The first named is the main contact - if you would like to attend or if you have any queries please feel free to get in touch (, or phone on  +44 (0)1695 584244).


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