A workshop, timed to coincide with the 20th Manchester Phonology Meeting, on
Segmental Archecture
Manchester, 3pm-6pm, 23 May 2012

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Given that there are always lots of phonologists in Manchester the day before the Manchester Phonology Meeting (the 'mfm') starts, we thought that we could make use of this to hold a workshop on an aspect of phonological theory that we're interested in. Bert Botma and Patrick Honeybone had the idea, and we contacted a few people who we knew were due to attend the 20mfm (and who we know are also interested in this aspect of phonology), to see if they agreed. They did, so we've arranged this workshop together. It's not part of the mfm - it's just taking advantage of it to set up a workshop, and everyone is welcome to attend.


We're calling this a 'Workshop on Segmental Architecture', and by that we mean the branch of phonological theory which deals with (sub)segmental representation, geometry, autosegmentalism, privativity (or the lack of it) - that kind of thing. It typically addresses questions such as 'what is the inventory of subsegmental units?', 'what are their properties?', 'how are they organised?', and 'how do subsegmental units map onto skeletal slots?'. We all share the opinion that formal work on these issues is important, but we disagree about some of the details, and we hope that this workshop will both (i) flag up productive areas of agreement and (ii) allow us to argue about our disagreements in public (and we're hoping for input from the audience, too, of course).


Speakers will each have around 25 minutes to speak, with time for questions and discussion afterwards.


It's free to attend the workshop, and no registration is necessary. The workshop will start at 3pm and should be finished by 6pm, with each speaker getting around 25 minutes to talk, and time for discussion. It will be held in a room at the University of Manchester, which is close to Hulme Hall (where the mfm will be held), but it's not the same place - Hulme Hall is about ten minutes' walk away. This is where the workshop will be held:
If you click on the link, you should find details of where the Zochonis building is, including a map.