The 20th 
Manchester Phonology Meeting

Twentieth anniversary meeting


The conference venue is the Hulme Hall lecture suite at the University of Manchester, which is located just south of the city centre. You will need to make your own reservation for accommodation, and we hope that the information given below will help you.

If you have any queries about this, or would like to check that a particular plan is feasible, please contact Patrick Honeybone (patrick.honeybone@ed.ac.uk).

Finding a hotel or hostel

The table below ('Some reasonably priced hotels') lists some relatively cheap hotels in the vicinity of Hulme Hall where participants in the mfm have often stayed before. There is a large number of hotels in Manchester, though, and a good number of hostels, too. A recommendable site with a large number of hotels in Manchester can be found here. You could also try websites like www.laterooms.com and www.hotels.com and www.booking.com and www.tripadvisor.com.

The very nice YHA Youth Hostel in Manchester has rooms for around GBP20.00 (or even cheaper, and you don't have to be a 'youth' to stay there). Its website is here. There are also several other, independent hostels in Manchester, which are likely to be cheap and cheerful and perfectly acceptable. To find them, click on the following link, then select 'England' from the 'country' options, and 'Manchester' in 'city', then enter the dates and currency that you require - you can then book places from the site: http://reservations.bookhostels.com/lonelyplanet.com/index.php

Hulme Hall, the conference venue, is in southern central Manchester and is easy to reach by bus from anywhere in the city centre or from much of South Manchester.  The street to orientate yourself towards is Oxford Road (Hulme Hall is very near the bottom of Oxford Road, and the main Manchester University buildings are half way along the road). You can easily catch a bus along Oxford Road - there are hundreds, running every few minutes (details of buses and directions to Hulme Hall are provided on the travel and directions page).

There may also be a very small amount of 'crash' accommodation (ie, the chance to sleep on the floor or blow-up mattress of someone who lives in Manchester for free). Please get in touch if you would like us to try and find you some. While we will try, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you crash accommodation.

Some reasonably priced hotels

The table below lists some relatively cheap hotels in the vicinity of Hulme Hall. Please also see the information on alternative accommodation given above. The rates given are prices for single rooms, and you should check what facilities they offer and if breakfast is included when you book. Please note that the rates given are intended only as a rough guide, and that there can be variation in terms of room types and days. Do check at the time of making your booking. Most of these hotels allow for online booking - click on their name if there is a link. 

The hotels which have been used most by participants at Manchester Phonology Meetings in previous years are *asterisked. The Victoria Park is only a few minutes' walk from Hulme Hall; the Imperial and Salutation Inn are close too (but be warned: all the hotels near Hulme Hall are really quite basic places to stay, but they are cheap and close to the conference venue); the Willow Bank is best reached by one of the many frequent buses travelling away from the city centre down Wilmslow Road. In recent years, many people attending the mfm have stayed at one of the two Ibis hotels which are very close to each other. These are modern and comfortable, if rather impersonal, and are in the centre of Manchester (and the Premier Inn is in the same area). The invited speakers will be staying at the Ibis Manchester (Charles Street), so you may want to book yourself in there, too. Although they are in central Manchester, it's easy to get to Hulme Hall from these hotels by bus or it's certainly possible to walk, too (details of buses and directions to Hulme Hall are provided on the travel and directions page).

Name of Hotel Address Rate

if no code given, use the Manchester code
= 0161 from with the UK
= +44 161 from elsewhere

Quite close to conference venue (Hulme Hall).
Salutation Inn Higher Chatham Street, M15 6ED GBP c. 25.00-40.00 273 1416
*Luther King House Brighton Grove, off Wilmslow Road GBP c. 50.00 224 6404
Imperial 157 Hathersage Road, M13 0HY GBP c. 30.00-40.00 225 6500
*Verdene 454 Moss Lane East, M14 4PW GBP c. 35.00-45.00 224 1576
Elton Bank 62 Platt Lane, M14 4NE GBP c. 30.00-50.00 225 3388
*Victoria Park 4 Park Crescent, M14 5RE GBP c. 40.00-55.00 224 1399
Slightly further from Hulme Hall but with frequent bus service.
*Ibis Manchester Corner of Charles Street and Princess Street, M17DL  GBP c. 50.00-70.00 (but quite variable) 272 5000
*Ibis Portland Street 96 Portland Street, M1 4GY GBP c. 50.00-70.00 (but quite variable) 234 0600
Premier Inn 112-114 Portland Street, M1 4WB GBP c. 50.00-70.00 (but quite variable) (0870) 238 3315
Holiday Inn Express2 Oxford Road, M1 5QAGBP c. 70.00 +(0843) 208 3005
Travelodge227 Upper Brook Street, M13 0HBGBP c. 50.00-70.00 (but quite variable)(0871) 984 6487
Willow Bank 340-342 Wilmslow Road, M20 9BM GBP c. 70.00 + 224 0461

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