This is an archive page - this conference occurred in January 2009.

The Sixth Old World Conference in Phonology
University of Edinburgh, 21/22-24 January 2009

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The Department of Linguistics and English Language in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh is proud to announce that the sixth Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP6) will take place in Edinburgh from 22nd to 24th January 2009. OCP6 is organised by a group of phonologists at Edinburgh, and it follows in the line of previous OCP conferences, which have been held in Leiden, Tromsø, Budapest, Rhodes and Toulouse.

The OCP6 is grateful to acknowledge financial support from the British Academy 
and the Linguistics Association of Great Britain.

Invited speakers

The conference will be preceded (on 21st January) by a semi-separate workshop entitled "The Privative Project: is it still worth pursuing?" Further details about the workshop are available here, and those attending the OCP6 conference are welcome to attend the workshop, at no extra cost (although you must please let us know, in an email to the organisers, if you would like to attend the workshop).

Programme, abstracts and information for presenters

The programme for the OCP6 (and the workshop) is available here.

The abstract booklet is available here.

NB: It will probably be cold in Edinburgh! So do bring warm clothes. Having said that, it won't be as cold as it is in many parts of Europe... Let's just hope it's not too windy. And whatever the weather, it's certainly a lovely city...

Data projection and numbers for handouts
We recommend that you bring about 80 copies of handouts. There are several copy shops in the vicinity of the university, so you should be able to copy them here, if you need to. If you would like to use a data projector, there is one built into the room, along with a computer and speakers. Please note that it can't be guaranteed that any particular font will be installed (or can be installed) on the computer provided, though. It would be safer if you bring your own laptop. There will not be a technician available during the conference to help with computer-assisted presentations, so, if you are using a computer for your talk, please make sure that you try out your presentation beforehand, in a meal or coffee break (and bring handouts, in case everything goes wrong!). Talks have been given 30 minute slots, and you can choose whether you would rather have 20 minutes to talk and 10 minutes for questions, or 25 minutes to talk and 5 minutes for questions.

Notes for poster-presenters

The poster displays will be set up on the 22nd January, during the meal break. You will have a space of about 5' (wide) x 3'9" (high) (152 cm wide x 114 cm high) for your poster. Each person presenting a poster will be provided with the means to affix their posters to the display board. Please feel free to bring handouts with you, so that those viewing your poster also have something to take away. Posters can take a wide variety of forms, and there is no one single way to produce a good poster - the important things are that the font size is not too small, that it is easily readable and does not have too much text on it, that it sets out the main points that you want to argue for clearly, and maybe that it's eye catching, too. Some presenters bring one big poster which takes up all the space, others bring a series of A3 or A4 sheets of paper which can be fitted together on the poster board. During the poster session, you will be asked to stand by your poster (for at least a fair amount of the session) as conference participants walk around the displays, read your posters and ask you questions about them.


The conference fee is GBP30, with a reduced rate of GBP20 for students and unwaged participants. You can book using a credit card, through a secure website which takes all necessary booking details.

The booking website is available here. [NB: if you have a problem using the site, please let us know (]

If you would like to book for the meal after the workshop on the 21st January (starting around 8pm), please email separately to let us know ( This cannot be booked through the website. The meal will cost around 20 pounds.

The booking website asks you to register first (this is a simple process). You should select which fee rate applies to you (if you opt for the reduced rate, you'll be asked to bring student ID or similar proof of status with you to show at registration) and fill in your details. For some reason, you need to fill in both a 'billing address' and 'delivery address'. Just use the same for these - the address should be the one which is registered for the credit card that you are using to pay the conference fee. Do take a note of your booking reference number. If you can't pay by credit card, get in touch ( and we will arrange an alternative way for you to pay.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOP ON 21st JANUARY, YOU MUST EMAIL THE ORGANISERS. This is so that we can plan for numbers. Please send an email saying that you'd like to attend (it's free) to:

The conference fee covers all the necessary conference costs, including coffee during the breaks and a wine reception on the first evening. It does not cover meals, which you'll need to buy yourself. There are many cafes, restaurants, sandwich shops and supermarkets nearby, and recommendations will be provided at registration.

Accommodation and travel

The conference venue is the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh, which is located towards the south of the city centre (in the Old Town), next to the Department of Linguistics and English Language. The University is easily accessible from anywhere in the city, and is within walking distance of the train station and all the city centre shops and restaurants. A map is available here (the Informatics Forum is just north of Crichton Street, built on what is still a carpark in the Google map), or you could use the University's maps here (click on 'Informatics Forum'). 

You will need to book your own accommodation: a separate page, available here, has details of how to get to the conference and where to stay in Edinburgh.

Contact details

The main organiser for OCP6 is Patrick Honeybone. If you would like to attend or if you have any queries about the conference, please feel free to get in touch with me (

Local phonological team

Will Barras
Julian Bradfield
Heinz Giegerich
Patrick Honeybone
Evia Kainada
Bob Ladd
Warren Maguire
April McMahon
Mits Ota
Bert Remijsen
Marleen Spaargaren
Penny Thompson
Alice Turk