Antonella Sorace: Current and recent research grants


2019-2022 SSHRC: "Bilingualism Matters in the Waterloo Region and Canada" (as international partner).

2017-2020 Marie Curie grant: "MultiMind" (as an Associated Partner with Bilingualism Matters).

2019-2020 Centre for Advanced Studies, Oslo: "MultiGender: a multilingual approach to grammatical gender" (as international partner).

2018-2021 ESRC: "Charting the impact of bilingualism on children with or without autism spectrum disorders" (with S. Fletcher-Watson).

2016-2021 NSF/Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE): "Translating cognitive and brain science in the laboratory and field to language learning environments" (international partner, PI J. Kroll, UC Irvine).


2017-2019 Leverhulme Trust: "Bilingualism, pragmatic enrichment and reasoning biases" (with C. Cummins).

2018-2019 Carnegie Trust: "Language, place and identity: exploring children's linguistic and cognitive development in heritage and community languages" (with K. Tisdall, L. Jamieson, B. Cohen, G. Munro and P. De Lima).

2017-2018 Pearson Education: "Cognitive, motivational and demographic correlates of Progress test proficiency scores".

2014-2019 EU Large-scale Integrated Research Project: "Advancing the European Multilingual Experience (AThEME)" (partner, with seven countries).

2013-2016 Norwegian Research Council: “Transitivity alternations in English and Norwegian: experimental investigations" (with G. Ramchand, University of Tromsø).

2012-2015 EACEA/Lifelong Learning: "School and family together for the integration of immigrant children" (partner, with four countries).

2011-2014 UK Economic and Social Research Council: "First language attrition meets second language learning: interaction of linguistic and executive control factors in late bilinguals" (with F. Keller and T. Bak).

2010-2012 EACEA Lifelong Learning "Let's become a bilingual family" (partner, with four countries).

2010-2011 Research Council of Norway: "Bilingual immigrant children in North Norway: the Norwegian welfare society and the language of Russian-Norwegian children" (with Y. Rodina, N. Kukarenko, AT Lotherington, T. Nesset and M. Westergaard).

2011 SOILLSE, "Bilingualism and cognition retrospective analysis" (with M. Macleod, T. Bak, R. Collacott, G. Davies).

2009-2010 Leverhulme Trust, "Understanding language comprehension in bilingual children" (with L. Serratrice).

2008-2010 Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), "Early child bilingualism" (bilateral UK-Netherlands project, with A. Hulk, University of Amsterdam and L. Cornips, Meertens Institute, S. Unsworth, Utrecht University, and Ianthi Tsimpli, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

2006-2009 UK Arts and Humanities Research Board, "Verb movement in contemporary Faroese: A case study of syntactic variation and change" (with C. Heycock).

2005-2007 British Academy Research Leave Fellowship (formerly Research Readership) "Gradience in split intransivity: theoretical and experimental explorations of the lexicon-syntax interface".