Antonella Sorace - Other invited talks since 2006

2020, New York, United Nations Association of New York (UNA-NY): "Investing in languages: why multilingualism matters".

2020, University of Manchester: "Reconceptualizing native language attrition in bilinguals as natural language change."

2019, University of Trondheim: "Time to give up the 'native monolingual standard' in research on bilingualism?"

2019, British Academy, "Why language learning opens the mind: old prejudices, trendy myths, and new research".

2019, Chuo University, Tokyo: "Bilingualism: seeing both the forest and the trees".

2019, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan: "Adult bilingualism: what do we know?".

2018, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, MIME Forum "Bringing together practice and research": dinner speech on "The value of interdisciplinarity in research on multilingualism".

2018, Northwestern University, Chicago: "Adult bilinguals: looking at the big picture".

2018, Northwestern University, Chicago: "Investing in multilingualism".

2018, Utrecht University: "Bridging the divide: science and the public understanding of bilingualism".

2018, Université de Paris-Nanterre: "Adult bilingualism: looking at the big picture".

2018, University of Edinburgh, ULAB conference: "Adult bilingualism: what does the big picture tell us?".

2017, University of California at Riverside: "Enhancing the scientific and public understanding of bilingualism".

2017, University of Verona, Lectio Magistralis: "Bilingualism: cross-disciplinary research and implications for society".

2017, Potsdam, ESCoP conference, workshop on "Using social media to promote professional development, scientific dissemination, and public awareness": "Enhancing the public understanding of bilingualism through social media".

2017, Pedagogical University of Moscow: "What changes in the first language of proficient language learners?".

2017, Vienna, ICPS 2017 congress, workshop on "Social media in professional development": "The Bilingualism Matters experience of social media".

2017, Brown University: "Multilingualism: an investment for life".

2016, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Does your native language change when you learn a second language?".

2016, Anglia Ruskin University: "Complex contingencies in late bilingualism: why do L1 attrition and L2 acquisition converge?".

2016, University of Mannheim: "Language-cognition interactions in proficient late bilinguals".

2016, Northumbria University: "Language-cognition interactions in proficient late bilinguals".

2016, May, Ghent University: "Bilingualism across the lifespan: language and general cognition".

2016, April, Galway, Republic of Ireland: “Why multilingualism matters: the view from linguisc and cognitive research".

2016, April, Chinese University of Hong Kong: "L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition in proficient late bilingualism: two sides ofthe same coin?"

2016, March, UCL/DCAL: "L1 and L2 converge in late bilingualism"

2016, March, University of Sheffield: "Enhancing the scientific and public understanding of bilingualism.

2015, November, University of London, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies: "What's multilingualism? The view from linguistic and cognitive research".

2015, November, Oslo, Norwegian Language Council: "The importance of multilingualism for business: the UK experience".

2015, November, Centre for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan: "Convergence of L1 and L2 at the grammar-discourse interface".

2015, October, York University, Toronto: "L1 meets L2 acquisition in successful late bilinguals: or does it?"

2015, October, McGill University, Montreal: "L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition in successful late bilingualism: reference tracking and executive functions".

2015, September, UCL, LAGB annual meeting, education session on bilingualism and cognition: "Bridging the gap between the scientific and the public understanding of bilingualism".

2015, May, Harvard University: "Interactions between language and executive functions in bilingualism across the lifespan".

2014, December, Penn State University: "L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition: referring expressions in late bilingualism".

2014, November, University of Milano-Bicocca: "Convergenze tra acquisizione della L2 e attrito della L1 nel bilinguismo adulto".

2014, September, Rutgers University: "Choosing, maintaining and updating referential expressions in adult late bilinguals".

2014, May, University of Stuttgart: "Choosing and updating referential expressions in adult late bilingualism".

2014, April, Lund University: "Linguistic choices in context: what's the bilingual problem?".

2013, December, Leiden University: "Linguistic and attentional processes in the bilingual construction of reference.

2013, November, University of Tromsoe: "Effects of bilingualism on cognitive performance: child-adult differences and wider linguistic implications.

2013, August, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: "Bilingualism: integrating language and general cognition".

2013, August, University of Sao Paulo: "Gradience and cognitive complexity at the syntax-lexicon interface".

2012, April, University of Rijeka, Croatia: "Language and executive function in bilingualism".

2012, March, University of York: "The bilingual native speaker".

2012, March, Queen Mary University of London: “Interactions between lanage and executive function in bilingualism".

2011, May, Universite' de Provence, Aix-en-Provence: "Linguistic and executive function effects in early and late bilinguals"

2011, March. University of Geneva: "Linguistic vs. executive function effects in bilingual speakers".

2011, February. University of Tromsoe: "The interpretation of null and overt pronouns in Italian: Evidence from off-line and on-line data in monolingual and bilingual children" (with L. Serratrice)

2011, January. London, UCL: "Variable effects of variable input in early child bilingualism".

2010, May. Universita' di Siena: "Effetti di interferenza e controllo esecutivo all'interfaccia sintassi-pragmatica nel bilinguismo infantile".

2010, May. Universita' per Stranieri di Siena : "Un cervello, due lingue: fatti e benefici cognitivi del bilinguismo a tutte le eta'".

2010, April. University of Tromsø: : "L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition: bidirectional linguistic and executive function constraints in late bilinguals".

2010, March. Harvard University: "L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition: linguistic and executive function constraints in late adult bilinguals".

2010, February. Edinburgh, Scottish-Italian Circle: "Due e' meglio di una: perche' il bilinguismo fa bene al cervello a tutte le eta'".

2009, November. Wellesley College, Boston: "One brain, two languages, many advantages".

2009, November. University of Geneva: "Crosslinguistic influence and processing effects at the syntax-pragmatics interface in bilingual children".

2009, October, University of Ulster: "Psycholinguistic signatures of auxiliary selection in Italian and German".

2009, October. University of Salford: "Native language attrition: the starting point of diachronic change".

2009, May. Universita' di Milano-Bicocca: "Convergenze tra diversi gruppi di parlanti bilingui: dati sperimentali e approcci interdisciplinari".

2009, March. York University, Toronto: "Inhibitory control in early bilinguals: evidence from negative priming".

2008, December. University of Konstanz: "Pronominal anaphora resolution in bilingual speakers: the wider picture".

2008, May. Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona: "Being bilingual: crosslinguistic influence and default strategies in bilingual speakers at different ages".

2007, February. Utrecht University, "Convergences between L2 acquisition and L1 attrition at the syntax-discourse interface".

2007, January. University of Geneva, "Syntax-discourse interfaces in bilingual speakers: issues of representation and processing".

2007, January. Edinburgh, Scottish-Italian Circle: "E' piovuto o ha piovuto? L'uso degli ausiliari essere e avere nell'italiano dei parlanti nativi e non-nativi".

2006, November. SUNY-Stony Brook, New York: "Interfaces between syntax and discourse in bilingual language development".

2006, May. Chuo University, Japan, "Critical periods for L2 acquisition: new evidence and new questions".

2006, May. University of Kobe, Japan, "The syntax-lexicon interface in split intransitivity: gradient variation and universals".

2006, February. University of Cambridge, Linguistic Society: "Optionality at the syntax-discourse interface in child and adult bilinguals".