Antonella Sorace - invited graduate teaching (since 2003)

2018, July, University of Tübingen: LEAD Summer School in L2 Acquisition.

2016, April, Chinese University of Hong Kong: course on "Interfaces in Multilingualism Across the Lifespan".

2015, September, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal: course on "Experimental Methods in Syntax"/module on Magnitude Estimation.

2015, April-May, University of Verona: course on "Bilingualism across the lifespan: language and cognition".

2014, March, September, Universita' di Roma 'La Sapienza': course on "Bilingualism over the lifespan".

2013, August, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil: course on "The cognitive complexity of split intransitivity: acceptability judgments, online processing, and implications for language".

2013, January, Leiden University, LOT Winter School: course on "Bilingualism over the lifespan".

2012, October, University of the Basque Country, seminar on "Language and cognition in early and late bilingualism".

2012, February, Utrecht University, EMLAR workshop: "Magnitude Estimation as a method for testing linguistic acceptability: the recent debate".

2011, December, University of Tromsoe: advanced seminar on "Grammaticality judgements in experimental linguistics: what´s the latest.

2011, May, Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition, Master Class on Bilingual Language Acquisition.

2009, September 7-10 Pompeu Fabra University, 1st Barcelona School on Bilingualism and Multilingualism: Linguistic Perspectives on Bilingualism.

2008 Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona: graduate course on "Interfaces between language and cognition in bilingual language development".

2007 University of Tromsoe, graduate research course on "The limits of second language acquisition".

2006, Utrecht University, Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research (EMLAR) workshop: "Magnitude Estimation in experimental linguistic research".

2005. Utrecht University, Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research' (EMLAR) workshop: "New ways of eliciting grammaticality judgments".

2005 Penn State University: graduate course on "Interfaces in bilingual language development: 2L1 acquisition, L2 near-nativeness, and L1 attrition".

2004 LOT Summer School, Utrecht University: "Ultimate attainment in adult L2 acquisition".

2003 Michigan State University, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute: "Introduction to second language acquisition".