Antonella Sorace - Invited plenary talks since 2005

2020, June, Reading, COM2020 conference, workshop on "Visions for the future": "Deconstructing the monolingual advantage".

2020, April, London, 4th Annual Neuroeducation Conference: "Language learning across the lifespan: myths, science, and science fiction".

2019, November, Macerata, Italy, conference on "Bi/plurilinguismo e infanzia: aspetti educativi e sociali": "Più di una lingua: miti e fatti sul bilinguismo nell'arco della vita".

2019, November, Tallinn, Estonia, conference on "Shared language: integration through the prism of multilingualism": "The challenge of maintaining multilingualism in a globalised world".

2019, September, Madrid, IX International Conference on Language Acquisition: "Giving up the monolingual standard in experimental research on bilingualism".

2019, March, Columbia, SC, conference on "Raising our voices together": "Towards and better scientific and public understanding of bilingualism".

2019, March, London, ECIS-MLIE conference: "The younger, the better?" and "Immigrant languages as resources and opportunities".

2019, January, Brussels, AThEME final conference: "Native monolingual, where are you?".

2018, November, Stuttgart, Institut für Auslandbeziehungen, WIKA workshop on "Models of future cultural relations: realities, challenges, visions": "The importance of multilingual brains for cultural relations".

2018, November, Humboldt University of Berlin, conference on "Interdisciplinary approaches to linguistic theory (CIALT-2)": "L2 learning and L1 change: a big picture view".

2018, October, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, workshop on "Acceptability judgments in current linguistic theory": "Optionality, indeterminacy and attrition in bilingual speakers: putting acceptability judgments to the test".

2018, October, University of Oxford, workshop on "Language learning in Anglophone countries": "Language, cognition and identity: exploring the determinants of successful bilingualism in heritage and community languages".

2018, September, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, symposium on "The flexible language in the flexible mind": "The value of interdisciplinarity in multilingualism research".

2018, August, University of Bucharest, Romance Turn 9: "Pronominal reference in bilingual speakers of Romance Languages (or: let's not miss the forest for the trees)".

2018, July, University of Tuebingen, LEAD Summer School: "Second language learning and first language attrition: seeing both the forest and the trees".

2018, June, Bar-Ilan University, conference on "Scientific and societal contributions of research in multilingual and multicultural communities": "Enhancing the scientific and public understanding of bilingualism".

2018, March, Rovereto, Festival delle Lingue 2018: "Piu' di una lingua: perche' il bilinguismo modifica il cervello e apre la mente a tutte le eta'".

2017, November, Polish Embassy of Rome, international seminar "Un bambino bilingue: problema o risorsa?": "Il multilinguismo nelle scuole: una risorsa e un'opportunita'".

2017, October, University of California at Riverside, conference on "Multilingualism research in Southern California: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on dual language experience": "Enhancing the scientific and public understanding of bilingualism".

2017, September, Poznan, 48th Poznan Linguistic Meeting: "Adult bilingualism: the big picture".

2017, July, Edinburgh, Celtic Knot conference: "Bilingualism in minority languages: a resource and an opportunity".

2017, April, Glasgow, IATEFL conference, workshop on "Teaching young learners: all just fun and games?": "The younger, the better?".

2017, March, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, conference on "Procedural and declarative memory, language acquisition, and cognitive processes": "Trade-offs in cognitive control and their effects on language processing by late bilinguals".

2017, March, University of Copenhagen, ECIS-ESLMT conference: "Multilingualism across the lifespan: language, cognition, and practical implications".

2017, January, University of Amsterdam, conference on "Crosslinguistic effects in multilingualism: interdisciplinary approaches": "L1 attrition and L2 acquisition: exploring the connections".

2016, December, University of Frankfurt, conference "Going Romance": "Is native language attrition functional to successful second language acquisition?"

2016, November, Universite' Paris Diderot, conference on "Tense, Aspect, Modality, Evidentiality: Comparative, Cognitive, Theoretical and Applied Perspectives": "Interface conditions in monolingual and bilingual speakers: language and general cognition".

2016, August, Naples, 49th meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, roundtable on "Multilingualism in a changing Europe": "Bridging the divideL enhancing the scientific and public understanding of bilingualism"

2016, July, Stuttgart, Baden-Württenberg Stiftung Workshop on "Fruhe Mehrsprachigkeit: Chancen und Perspektiven im Blick": Why multilingualism matters (especially in Europe): the view from research".

2016, June, University of Copenhagen, workshop on "Perfect auxiliaries in the languages of Europe": "Gradient auxiliary selection at the syntax-lexicon interface".

2016, June, Arctic University of Tromsoe, workshop on "Ambiguity, Markedness and Processing: Challenges and Methodologies": "Gradient verb variation in split intransitivity: where and why do we see it?".

2016, University of Granada, Psychonomics conference: " Cognitive control and pronoun use in late bilinguals".

2016, April, University of Essex, BAAL seminar on "The learning of foreign languages in primary schools in England": "Multilingualism in primary schools: the Bilingualism Matters experience in Scotland and Europe".

2016, February, Washington DC, AAAS Annual Meeting on "Global Science Engagement", workshop on "BIlingualism Matters": "Bilingualism in minority languages: a science perspective".

2016, February, University of Konstanz, workshop on "Empirical Methods and Grammatical Theory: The Issue of Gradience": "Gradience at interfaces".

2015, December, Arctic University of Tromsoe, workshop on "Bilingualism, priming, and executive function": "Effects of bilingualism on general cognition: advantages, disadvantages, or neither?".

2015, September, Universite' Libre de Bruxelles, workshop on "Utterance interpretation and cognitive models": "Linguistic and cognitive effects of bilingualism on pronominal use".

2015, May, CUNY, workshop on "Bilingualism and executive functions: an interdisciplinary approach": "Referring expressions and executive functions in child and adult bilinguals".

2015, May, University of Reading, workshop on "Language and cognition: a focus on multilingualism".

2015, April, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, conference on "Bilingual acquisition and bilingual education: linguistic and cognitive effects": "L1 attrition meets L2 acquisition in proficient late bilingualism".

2015, March, University of Malta, International Conference on Bilingualism: "Enhancing the scientific and public understanding of bilingualism".

2015, March, The Bilingual School of Monza, conference on "Our multilingual schools: opportunities and challenges": "Il bilinguismo nell'arco della vita: miti, fatti, e prospettive".

2015, February, Arlington, NSF and PIRE workshop on "Translating language science research into practice": "Bilingualism Matters: from research to the community and back again".

2015, February, University of Maryland, GALANA 2015: "Bilingualism across the lifespna: boundaries and interactions between language and general cognition".

2014, October, Universita' per Stranieri di Siena, conference of the Italian Glottological Society (Societa' Italiana di Glottologia): "Bilingualism and language attrition".

2014, October, University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC Bilingualism Forum 2014: "How bilinguals construct reference: linguistic and attentional processes".

2014, June, University of Roma 3, conference on "Acquisizione e didattica delle lingue seconde: theorie e metodologie della ricerca": "Variazione residua nel parlanti quasi-nativi della L2".

2014, May, University of Pisa, conference on "L'acquisizione delle lingue straniere nell'adulto": "Interazioni tra linguaggio e funzioni esecutive negli stati avanzati di competenza L2".

2014, May, University of Manchester, Conference on "Valuing community languages": "Multilingualism and minority languages: changing attitudes through information".

2014, March, NTNU, Trondheim, conference on "Pronouns in development": "The bilingual construction of reference".

2014, February, University of Trento, Incontro di Grammatica Generativa: "Input, timing and outcomes in a wider model of bilingualism".

2013, November, University of Tromsoe, International Conference on Linguistic Diversity: "Late unbalanced bilingualism: cognitive effects and wider implications".

2013, October, Trondheim, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, conference on 'Parallel Grammars and Multilingualism': "Bilingualism: consequences for the construction of reference".

2013, October, University of Vilnius, conference on "Languages and People: Space, Time and Identity": "Why bilingualism matters: the importancce of information".

2013, August, University of Calgary, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Multilingualism conference (IAM 2013): "Myths around bilingualism".

2013, July, University of Geneva, International Congress of Linguists, Workshop on "Linguistic Theory and Its Applications: Comparative Applied Studies": "Interactions between linguistic constraints and executive functions in early and late bilingualism.".

2013, June, University of Groningen, TABU Dag conference: "Bilingualism: What belongs to language, what belongs to general cognition, and why it matters".

2013, May. Amsterdam, Nationaal Vertaalcongres 2013: "The mother tongue principle in translation: what is the mother tongue?".

2013, April, Berlin, Humboldt University, conference on "Linguistic Evidence": "Gradience and cognitive complexity at the syntax-lexicon interface: some new data on German and Italian auxiliary selection".

2013. March, University of Copenhagen, conference on "Experimental Approaches to Perception and Production of Variation": "Variation in anaphoric expressions in early and late bilingualism".

2012, September, University of Tromsoe, "Decennium: the first 10 years of CASTL": "Bilingualism: What's linguistic, what's general cognition, and why it matters".

2012, June, University of Freiburg, conference on "Auxiliary selection: gradience and gradualness": "The cognitive complexity of auxiliary selection: From online processing to grammaticality judgments".

2012, April, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, workshop on "Referentiality": “Anaphora resolution in bilingual speakers interactions of linguistic and executive function factors".

2012, February, University of Utrecht, EMLAR workshop: "Magnitude estimation in developmental linguistics: the recent debate"

2012, January, Lorentz Center, University of Leiden: "Child bilingualism: language, cognition and environment".

2011, September. Stockholm, Language Learning Round Table on "Is there a future for the native speaker in SLA research?": "The bilingual native speaker".

2011, June. Gargnano del Garda, conference on "Multilingualism: Language, Power, and Knowledge": "Cognitive advantages of bilingualism: is there a 'bilingual paradox'?".

2011, March. Thessaloniki. TESOL Macedonia/Thrace Conference: "Doors to cognitive enhancement: new research perspectives on early and late bilingualism".

2010, November, Amsterdam, colloquium on "Early Child Bilingualism: Bilingual first language acquisition or child second language acquisition?": "Input and age in early bilingualism: a broader view".

2010, October. Tromso, workshop on "The acquisition of linguistic variation": "Variable effects of variable input".

2010, September. Dublin, Irish Network in Formal Linguistics, Workshop on Formal Approaches to Language Acquisition: "Crosslinguistic effects and executive control at the syntax-pragmatic interface in child bilingualism".

2010, September. Reggio Emilia, 20th EUROSLA Conference: "SLA as bilingualism: or, it's time to see the forest for the trees".

2010, June. Tromsoe, 6th Grand Meeting of Scandinavian Dialect Syntax: "Acquisition in variation (and vice versa)" (with C. Heycock)

2009, August. Nijmegen, 19th International Conference on Historical Linguistics: "Native language attrition in individual speakers: Investigating the beginning of diachronic language change".

2009, July. Utrecht, International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB7): "Bilingual language development: integrating data from different perspectives".

2009, June, Lisbon, Workshop on Interfaces in L2 Acquisition: "Pinning down the concept of interface".

2009, June. Bucharest, Annual Conference of the English Department: "Bilingual language development: theoretical and methodological interfaces".

2009, May. Bangor, Workshop on :Intramodal and cross-modal bilingualism": "Linguistic and cognitive costraints on bilingual production".

2009, March. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 10th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition conference (GASLA): "Theoretical and methodological interfaces in research on L2 ultimate attainment".

2008, December. Amsterdam. Seminar on "Variation in inflection": "Convergences between early and late bilinguals: where and why".

2008, December. Cambridge, Graduate Seminar on "Data in Second Language Research": "Studying the limits of adult second language acquisiton: theoretical and methodological interfaces".

2008, September. Pisa, XLII International Conference of the Italian Linguistic Society "Language and Brain": "Psycholinguistic signatures of gradient auxiliary selection and models of the syntax-lexicon interface".

2008, September. Ghent, 4th Workshop on Bilingualism: "Bilingual childrens' interpretation of interface structures: crosslinguistic effects vs. processing costs".

2008, September. Southampton, Third Workshop on the Acquisition of $ Romance Languages (Romance Turn 3): "Anaphora resolution in Italian and Spanish: microvariation, development, and theoretical implications".

2008, June. Harvard, Second Heritage Language Summer Institute: "Individual native language attrition: the wider picture".

2008, May. Santiago de Compostela, First International Postgraduate Conference on English Linguistics: "Variation and instability in bilingual speakers: seeing both the forest and the trees".

2007, December. Groningen, International Symposium on "Second language development: grammar and processing": "L2 ultimate attainment in the wider picture: representations, processing, and effects of bilingualism".

2007, November. Nijmegen, 2nd international workshop on "Grammatical processing in language learning": "Internal and external interfaces in bilingual language development: revisiting the processing vs. representations distinction".

2007, September. Edinburgh, Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) conference on "Tall Tales about Mind and Brain": "The more, the merrier: facts and myths about early bilingualism".

2007, February. Universidade do Minho (Braga), Workshop "Issues on Bilingualism": "Attrition vs. incomplete acquisition in bilingualism".

2006, June. Solf, Finland, Scandinavian Dialect Syntax Meeting: "Verb movement in Faroese: an old question and a new project" (with C. Heycock).

2006, May. Tokyo, Japan Second Language Acquisition Society annual conference: "Optionality at the syntax-discourse interface in near-native second language speakers".

2005, December. Amsterdam, conference on "Early Child Bilingualism": "Multiple interfaces in argument realization: syntactic development and general cognition in early bilingualism" (with B. Skarabela).

2005, November. Pennsylvania State University, Joint Meeting of the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium and the Conference on the Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese: "Interface instability and convergence phenomena".

2005, September. Siena, 7th International conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA05): "Interfaces in language development".

2005, August. Amsterdam, 2nd International Conference on First Language Attrition: "Individual attrition as a precursor of language change: from interfaces to narrow syntax".

2005, April. University of Thessaloniki, Symposium on "Bilingualism: Grammatical representations and processing: "Interfacing syntax and other cognitive domains: evidence from child and adult bilinguals".

2005, March. Barcelona, 5th International Symposium on Bilingualism: "The interaction of structural and processing factors at the syntax-discourse interface".