Edinburgh has a vibrant interdisciplinary community of researchers working on different aspect of language, and is internationally known as one of the best places to study language development and bilingualism across the lifespan. We have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a large community of students and researchers working on a wide range of topics in these areas.

Monolingual and bilingual language development can be studied at the undergraduate level, starting from the pre-Honours years and continuing in more depth in the Honours years. Many students choose to work on these topics for their dissertation.

The School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences offers a Master's degree in Developmental Linguistics, which focuses on first language acquisition, second language learning, and bilingual language development from the perspectives of linguistics and cognitive psychology. Training in experimental methods is an essential element of the program. Information on this degree can be found here.

Our PhD program is suited to researchers interested in understanding the linguistic and cognitive bases of monolingual and bilingual language development at all ages. Students are assigned two PhD supervisors, who can be in different departments or schools (e.g. Linguistics and Psychology, or Linguistics and Informatics) and who can therefore offer the best interdisciplinary training. Information on the PhD program and application procedures can be found here.