General audience talks to public and private organizations (a selection)

May 2016, Edinburgh, Bilingualism Matters Summer Event.

May 2016, Pisa, "Grazia Deledda" Sardinian Association.

May 2016, Palermo, Sicily-Lithuania Association.

April 2016, Edinburgh Science Festival.

March 2016, Glasgow, Language Show Live.

February 2016, London, Italian Cultural Institute: "The 'bilingual advantage': is this the right question?".

January 2016, Edinburgh Exchange Event: TBA.

November 2015, London, Financial Times/Pearson: "Why multilingualism matters: the view from the brain".

November 2015, Oslo, Norwegian Language Council: "The importance of multilingualism for business: the UK experience".

August 2015, Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 2015, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

June 2015, Edinburgh, visit of parliamentary Committee for Families, Children and Youth of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

May 2015, CAER/Soillse conference "Bilingual education and language revitalisation".

May 2015, Rutgers University, launch of Bilingualism Matters @ Rutgers

May 2015, University of Reading, state-of-the-science research event on bilingualism

April 2015, Edinburgh Science Festival

April 2015, Bergamo, Bilingual British School

March 2015, Vitoria-Gasteiz, launch of Bilingualism Matters @ Vitoria

March 2015, Edinburgh, GATHER Festival

March 2015, Edinburgh, Scottish-Finnish Society

March 2015, Ampleforth College, ISMLA conference

February 2015, Nantes, launch of Bilingualism Matters @ Nantes

November 2014, Milan, launch of Bilingualism Matters @ Milano-Bicocca

November 2014, Nova Gorica, Slovenia: launch of Bilingualism Matters in Slovenia"

November 2014, Canterbury, festival "The Genius of Language"

October 2014, Killyhevlin and Omagh, NI

October 2014, Lochgilphead

September 2014, Amsterdam, Drongo Festival

September 2014, Nuoro, Sardinia

August 2014, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

June 2014, Bristol, British Association of Teachers of Japanese

June 2014, Rijeka, Croatia, launch of Bilingualism Matters @ Rijeka

May 2014, Cyprus (by videoconference)

May 2014, Stuttgart

May 2014, Multilingual Manchester,"Valuing community languages"

February 2014, Armagh, NI, St. Catherine's College

February 2014, Bristol, Italian Cultural Centre

February 2014, London, ISMLA Conference

December 2013, Reading: launch of Bilingualism Matters @ Reading

November 2013, Highlands Perthshire, Cafe' Scientifique

November 2013, Tromsoe, public panel "Linguistic Diversity and Education"

October 2013, Sardinia, Municipalities of Pula, Lotzorai, Irbono, Bono, Usini, Nulvi, Villanova Monteleone

September 2013, Derry, Northern Ireland

September 2013, Palmanova del Friuli, Italy, Palmanova Hospital

September 2013, Siena, Italy: launch of BILINGUISMO CONTA-NUOVI CITTADINI

September 2013, Sardinia, Municipalities of Bosa, Scano, Serramanna, Villasor

May 2013, Sardinia, Municipalities of Gonnesa, Sardara, Vallermosa

May 2013, Amersfoort, Teamwork Vertaalworkshops

February 2013, London, Financial Times

February 2013, Berkshire, Wellington College

February 2013, Edinburgh, Scottish Parliament

November 2012, Cagliari, Sardinia, launch of BILINGUISMU CRESCHET

November 2012, Edinburgh, Storytelling Centre

November 2012, Glasgow, ESRC Festival of Social Science

October 2012, Trento, launch of BILINGUISMO CONTA

October 2012, Marseille, Institut Italien

July 2012, Madrid, El Escorial

June 2012, Belfast, Northern Ireland

June 2012, Rome, British Council

April 2012, Cagliari, Sardinia

April 2012, Rijeka, Croatia

April 2012, Provincia di Trento, Italy

January 2012, Leiden, Lorentz Center

January 2012, Thessaloniki, Official launch of ME DIO GLOSSES

December 2011, Inverness, The Highland Council

November 2011, Cagliari, Sardinia

November 2011, London, UCL

October 2011, Barcelona

October 2011, Inverness

June 2011, University of Tromsoe

May 2011, University of Lancaster

May 2011, University of Leiden

May 2011. Marseille, Italian Institute

May 2011. University of Venice

March 2011. Thessaloniki, TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Convention

February 2011. Stornoway, Western Isles.

December 2010, Fonni, Sardinia (by videoconference)

November 2010, Glasgow, Goethe-Institut: "Think German" conference

November 2010, Edinburgh: Holyrood Magazine Conference "Gaelic Medium Education: Striving for Sustainability"

November 2010, Edinburgh Parliament: "BSL in an inclusive Scotland"

November 2010, Edinburgh Parliament: "Doing business in the Tower of Babel", jointly organized by the RSA Scotland and Bilingualism Matters

October 2010, University of Tromsoe

June 2010, University of Cambridge

June 2010, The Learning Centre, Cambridge University Press

May 2010, Regione Sardegna, Cagliari

May 2010, Universita' per Stranieri di Siena

April 2010. British Association for Early Childhood Education (BAECE)

March 2010, ESRC Festival of Social Science, London

March 2010, Anatolia College, Thessaloniki

March 2010, St Catherine's School, Athens

March 2010, Ministero dell'Istruzione, Universita' e Ricerca, Rome

February 2010, Royal Society of Edinburgh lecture at Oban High School

December 2009, University of Tromsoe, Norway

November 2009, Wellesley College, Boston

Sept 2009, European Commission Conference on Early Language Learning for Children of Pre-School Age, Brussels

May 2009, Comune di Milano, Milan, Italy

Jan 2009, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Dec 2008, European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Nov 2008, Regione Sardegna, Macomer

Nov 2008, SONSUB-SAIPEM, Aberdeen