A compound, containing a number of houses.

A cattle byre and cows.

A fire of cow dung wards the insects off from the cows.

The Catholic mission in Tonga was established at the start of the 20th century. It comprises a church and several bricks buildings. One of these, the house of the nuns, was destroyed int he war. This picture shows the workshop, where the missionaries provided training in several trades. It is in disrepair and no longer used. The roof is still on it though, offering some protection to the structure.

The compound of the chief is marked by the six horizontal layers, by which the vertical reeds are attached. Regular compounds only have three or four such layers.

Tonga is separated from the White Nile by at least hundred meters of swamp grass. The missionaries cut a canal through it. This picture shows the harbour and the canal stretching into the distance.

The main staple is sorghum. Here is a red variety, fully ripened.

All the water people use needs to be brought from the Nile, as people are doing in this picture.

On the Nile - this is a load of charcoal, floating downstream to Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile State.

On the Nile - this is a view on the way to Tonga, of some houses near the river bank.

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