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This page is mainly for my own use in tracking down things I said in my 677 Language Log posts on what is now known as Language Log Classic (click here for a Language Log Classic search engine). These date from before the Dread Day of Disk Disorders on April 8th, 2008. For a list of my Language Log posts after that crisis, see this page).

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677 Liberman to move to BBC
676 Motivated punctuational prescriptivism
675 Occupational eponymy
674 Modesty, hod-carrying, everything but relevance
673 Mongers
672 Furth
671 Colon rage
670 Outwith
669 Tackling the fleeting expletive
668 Taken out of context
667 The Lord which was and is
666 Tryst
665 BBC reads Language Log?
664 Hair care blasphemy and predatory text
663 Constituent order, interview etiquette, and being a monster
662 Pyow, hack, everybody! Monkeys again
661 Per bus per journey
660 Ph(o)netics and ph(o)nology
659 Some egg preceded every chicken
658 A virtual feminist elbowing his way in
657 For National Grammar Day: Copy editors,
we do not hate your guts!
656 Lying feminist ideologues wreck English, says Yale prof
655 Correcting the King?
654 Going to grammar hell in a handcart
653 Three words to win her heart
652 Will need never happen
651 The semantics of sharing and stealing
650 Payackarama
649 Shaping up the dull-witted pagans
648 English vowel sounds and internal dialect translation
647 Adverbs for my love
646 Apology in Australia
645 The Archbishop, the law, and the press
644 Imperfect tense of the subjunctive mood
643 Shake, rattle and roll
642 Racial abuse not cricket (and vice versa)
641 Lower-cased initialisms
640 Linguification extinct?
639 The last blondes, or the blonde?
638 Yale sluts and Princeton philosophers
637 One-legged lesbians and police stupidity
636 More books with non-constituent titles
635 Non-constituent titles
634 A further note on deeming
633 Parsing dog talk
632 Not deemed
631 The next president and their pronoun gender
630 Moron phishing
629 The miserable English alphanumeric system
and its inadequacies
628 Grape genetics versus ground characteristics
627 One Christmas too long
626 Pseudo-intellectual francophilic nonsense
625 The meaning mining business
624 Dimensions, metaphors, and prepositions
623 In the car, on the bus
622 At that second, on that day, in that year
621 Leave if you like
620 Antarctic WTF
619 The secret Saussure
618 Banned in Iran
617 They doesn't give a damn
617 Linguistic crime report: bear nomenclature flogging threat
616 Unfolding in the passive tense
615 More on double modals: Problems of Adjunct Placement
614 More on double modals: double tense?
613 More on double modals: the Case of the Missing Infinitivals
612 Be off with you!
611 "My confidence damaged," Chancellor doesn't say
610 According to Umberto Eco
609 Do double modals really exist?
608 Drivers and kings: a model answer
607 Drivers and kings
606 No comment on this street name
605 And so can you (be)
604 Monkeys will check your grammar
603 The Islamic language family
602 He knows you won't call him on it
601 The direct responsibility of me
600 Berzerkistani phonology
599 Statistics on BBC Radio
598 Grammarians and the road to national recovery
597 Turn right on Roxburgh
596 The late Richard Hogg
595 Punctuate this
594 Language Log is strong
593 Weird tradename umlaut
592 Fifty ways to lose your lover: Edinburgh's street names
591 White goods all over the world
590 Guess the meaning: a British English quiz question
589 Syntax under pressure
588 Explaining the systems slowdown
587 Flouting facts in The New Yorker
586 Into Britain (and BrE)
585 I gay, you gay, he gays
584 Brizendine turns myth-slayer
583 Scriptwriter for the monorail
582 Here it is again without the nouns, verbs, and adjectives
581 Plagiarism and allusion
580 Keine Seife; Radio
579 Punishing speakers of Australian aboriginal languages
578 Groundbreaking research with credulous primates
577 Let's put it in the passive tense
576 Humpty Dumpty linguistics from Robert Fisk
575 And now dolphin dialects
574 Accidental dropped keyboard command issuance probability
573 No tough talk till you know you can win
572 Syntactic protection against generification
571 Could preposition doubling be headed our way?
570 Ready to copy?
569 Arabs and camel words: go ahead, just make stuff up
568 Virginia, who said they would come
567 Stupid prophylactic public statement blather
566 Vice versa and the latter
565 Next animal-fancier story: parrot nomenclature
564 Chick talk
563 Racist Park
562 A linguist with Erdős number 2
561 Low Erdős-number linguists
560 The jagged, dash-strewn syntax of Robert Fisk
559 Ban the harmless gerund?
558 Joe, this is for you
557 Everyone are spared no mercy
556 Drive the fun
555 Apostrophe placement sophistication
554 Wild slogs held in the deep
553 Surely not an eggcorn in The Economist!
552 Adjectives banned in Baltimore
551 Give yourself an Italian name!
550 Express opinion, leave the country: it's the law
549 In (the) future
548 My prescriptive valentine
547 If you could possibly do without them they must be banned
546 Prisoner of geography
545 I have different determiner constraints so you're awful
544 Not objectionable
543 World's longest official country name
542 Army scammer? Let's check the grammar
541 State of the Union word count tools
540 A collaborative in 1945
539 Breakthrough Collaborative
538 Error message iced on cake
537 Sentence with no subject?
536 And sometimes a cigar...
535 Skull and crossbones OK?
534 If we could just talk
533 Stupid wild over-the-top anti-linguist rant
532 People of color
531 Fisk on downsizing
530 More alleged trouble with alleging
529 More on how the basil leaves
528 The basil goes away
527 Less than three years: a policy revision
526 The snow words myth: progress at last
525 Post number 4000
524 Happy New Year unless you're an EU bureaucrat
523 Vocabulary size and country music
522 More royal linguistic movie filth
521 Linguistic filth at the movies
520 Holiday headline contest winner
519 Merry... umm... Christmas, Will!
518 Turkmenbashi is dead
517 Watch your grammar, comrade
516 Does Julia Gillard know subjects from objects?
515 Only 20 words for a third of what they say: a replication
514 Intonation contours and polonium poisoning
513 Ahmet Ertegun
512 I've heard some ideas that would lead to defeat
511 Native languages of United Nations Secretaries-General
510 Help corrupt Iraqi police
509 Army strong reanalyzed
508 Nigger, nigger, on the wall
507 Grave and deteriorating
506 Crimson worm rhapsody.
505 Vocabulary size and penis length
504 Happy birthday, Noam
503 Unicode 5.0 is here
502 You're a canned mine
501 The name's Lastname. Firstname Lastname
500 Fear and loathing on Massachusetts Avenue
499 Very very good pope
498 Obligatory adjectives and optional articles?
497 Why Americans can't learn foreign languages
496 What, that lynching stuff?
495 Find that mystery mumbling phonetician
494 Expletive inserted
493 Find that mystery linguist woman
492 Linguistics in the service of astrophysics
491 Quintuple quote embedding
490 No longer the subject of that mighty verb
489 Wanna: neither slang nor language murder
488 The Historian
487 Recursively nested quotation marks
486 Ill-judged word choice lost Congress for GOP?
485 Double disingenuousness
484 Try and stop me, FCC
483 Vote for the woman whose mother uses this verb
482 Attested subordinate rhetorical interrogatives
481 Stupid timewasting insincere voicemail blather
480 Embedded rhetorical questions
479 This post fails to connect the unconnectable
478 The end of the chapter: not a linguification
477 His husband
476 Pubic information
475 Legal regulation of language use: a radical proposal
474 School shootings and passive clauses
473 Virtually a prefix for the words
472 Parts of a fish head: let me count the ways
471 The sexy British press
470 Barbed, not bitten
469 Science is... a verb??
468 The mathematical Itô and the linguistic Itô
467 Iceballs, revisability, language, and intelligent life in the universe
466 No plural shifting term
465 Translating leadership, creating verbiage
464 New planet mnemonic: Language Log is there for you
463 Just in case
462 Gay marriage and counting the planets
461 To prudently recreate
460 Israelis killed, Lebanese die
459 Neocon "Islamic fascist" designation spreads to government
458 Language without meaning at the airport
457 The dying adjective laureate
456 Dan Brown news update
455 F A N B O Y S ?
454 Stupid self-defeating warning label nonsense
453 PowerGenitalia and PenisLand
452 Two languages short of bilingual
451 Iced coffee ad for Hispanics outrage
450 Will Shortz sets impossible puzzle on NPR
449 The book for your linguist lover
448 Passive aggression
447 Throughout the ranks of left-wing bloggers
446 Don't dare return in under an hour
445 Underlying claim false, linguified claim true
444 If you can answer this, you are not paying attention
443 Snowclones of linguification
442 Voluble apes? I don't think so
441 A linguification from an unusual source
440 When you freelance, nobody knows you're a dog
439 Linguifying
438 There's no battle, Morgan!
437 For the millionth time, it's not hyperbole
436 Words fathers forget how to pronounce
435 Fun: you've seen the adjective, now read the adverb!
434 A defense of Aymara uniqueness
433 Language Log apology book tour kicks off in Cambridge
432 Back to the... but you guessed it
431 Danglers: discourtesy, not ambiguity
430 For semanticists only
429 Linguist jokes (4)
428 Zero for three on grammar, minus three, makes -3
427 ASCII, Mac OS-X, and the 128 names of DormAid
426 Northeastern's school song: Get me rewrite!
425 Congratulations to Joseph Aoun
424 So the search engine can understand
423 Tolstoy enlisted to sell Viagra
422 Confusing web language with the web world
421 From the deepest void of neverness
420 Linguistics goes out to dinner
419 Not old enough for sex, by half
417 Homo journalisticus
416 Starlings, darlings
415 Strange ifs of the third kind
414 Depreciate and deprecate: stay out of it
413 Literary shoplifting
412 Probability theory and Viswanathan's plagiarism
411 Are we an it or a they?
410 McClellan's mangled sentences: where are they?
409 Harry Potter and the Madding Gerund:
Secrets of the Language Log Code
408 Russian loony to sue Da Vinci Code author
407 Hungry for constraint
406 Congratulations to Dan Brown
40r Double cousins?
405 Lexical drift (2)
404 Lexical drift (1)
403 Linguist jokes (3)
402 Voice confused with tense at The Economist
401 Pretty girl visiting your town
400 Omit offensive reading
399 Pinging people
398 The infrequency illusion: a linguist's prayer
397 I didn't write shit today
396 Not my kind of Spanish
395 Doomed to mediocrity by accent?
394 The allusive butterfly of love
393 Hanging up a participle without getting a subject
392 Speaking the language of the Indians' enemies
391 Language Log final exam
390 Rare in the same sentence
389 The parts of speech
388 The late Peter Ladefoged
387 A four-letter word beginning with F...
386 A four-letter word beginning with P...
385 Unlike dangling
384 A rejoinder from our President
383 A prescriptivist rant? Get a clue
382 No tattooed acronym
381 People that would do ourselves harm
380 Stupid machine-generated spiritual blather
379 Shakespeare used they with singular antecedents so there
378 Singular-antecedent they with known sex
377 Everyone at The Times agrees... No they don't
376 Opa!
375 Not a brilliantological invention
374 L(a)ying snow
373 Is there any gobbledegook?
372 Linguistics hot this week
371 Instant boilerplate email reply key
370 Get to
369 Pick-up basketballism reaches Ivy League faculty vocabulary
368 Mid-sentence person shifting
367 Can I help who's next?
366 Christmas trees and holiday trees (2 December 2005)
365 An ivory-billed relative clause
364 Going it alone
363 Oops, we lost North America
362 The past, present, and future of readying
361 Hold on, I'm readying
360 It sleeps obedience
359 Buckingham Browne and Nichols
358 Brigham and Women's: it could have been worse
357 Coordinative naming botches
356 The generous village of Yuwawer
355 Frankenstrunk, by Jan Freeman
354 Invariably followed by the phrase
353 Oh, all right, micturition
352 Innocent Bongo
351 Grammatical micturation??
350 Stupid title blather for language articles
349 Worth a repetition
348 Warmth and the French language
347 The miserable French language and its inadequacies
346 What, me violate copyright?
345 New Yorker search engine stark staring mad
344 Shortest published sentence of the year
343 Pointless incessant barking
342 A five-letter password for a man obsessed with Susan
341 Stupid bank transfer scam email
340 The continuing misrepresentation of FOXP2 effects
339 An unspeakable title
338 Never thought the day would he see
337 Contextual tautologies
336 A chronicle of signs and sounds
335 Aux-initial clause with complex subject heard
in spontaneous speech!
334 Don't look at their eyes!
333 Learning the ropes in the trenches with Dan Brown
332 What a difference a comma makes
331 Illiterate lottery swindle spam
330 Latin quiz: everyone gets an A, especially Chris Waigl
329 E pluribus unum: a Latin quiz
328 Dangling modifier in the Declaration of Independence
327 The butt-crack of dawn
326 Stanley Fish moves into linguistics
325 Autoantonymy
324 Gone to get pants: a handwriting recognition story
323 Memory of qualities: armed structure and crystals
322 Secure and insecure scare quotes
321 Yoda's syntax the Tribune analyzes; supply more details I will!
320 Pass the Oat-Fiber Cubic
319 The Fellowship of the Predicative Adjunct
318 What's 420 feet high and travels at 120 mph?
317 Kansas: a joke?
316 Linguists boycott Kansas intelligent design hearings
315 Laying in the past
314 Linguistically noteworthy dates in May
313 And the answer is: abemus
312 Habemus or abemus?
311 Unreliable dialect identification help
310 Habemus linguam?
309 Pledge break psycholinguistics: production
308 Pledge break psycholinguistics: perception
307 The pointless game of grammar Gotcha
306 Stupid redundant warning blather
305 Can software tell a lie?
304 What's in a name (reduced media edition)?
303 Vatican commentary by limerick
302 The station that you really makes a difference
301 No word for "lazy hack parroting drivel"?
300 The disappearing modal: for those who'll believe anything
299 The moose who chose to lose whose nose?
298 No word for sex
297 Bovine excrement on NPR
296 Stunningly inept modifier manners
295 Box spaghetti straight
294 Speaking truth to TOEFL
293 Hindi and math skills
292 Now the FCC tells us, three months too late
291 Without Washington's support... who??
290 Got some dawgs runnin' around heah:
a natural language processing story
289 It is up to us how fast it changes
288 Waiting for the forces of linguistic change
287 Two troops killed
286 Fossilized prejudices about "however"
285 The blowing of Strunk and White's rules off
284 Bullshit
283 By the power vested in all of us
282 Metonymy and Dean Wormer
281 Slander in Seattle
280 What am I, Lewis Carroll?
279 Set theory at Green Gables
278 Phrasal prepositions in a civil tone
277 The Chicago Manual of Style --- and grammar
276 Not everything that passes
275 Publishers are good; really!
274 Senses of freedom
273 "Everything is correct" versus "nothing is relevant"
272 English in deep trouble?
271 Buffaloing buffalo
270 Nearly all strings of words are ungrammatical
269 Our bird aviary
268 The kaleidoscope of power
267 Capitalization and Mr Cummings
266 Was it Frazier or the copy editor?
265 Don't put up with usage abuse
264 The water tower was higher than they
263 Our indoor or outdoor pool
262 And now to revive Cornish?
261 Please evacuate the area: a speech synthesis story
260 John Ford movie to be dubbed... in Irish
259 McCloskey on the rebounding of Irish
258 It's your choice at the MLA
257 You're only staying if you're not
256 Diagram this
255 Prescriptivism and folk linguistics
254 Begin arming Israel
253 A misattribution no longer to be put up with
252 Hawaiian spelling contest answers
251 Saving Hawaiian
250 A Churchill story up with which I will no longer put
249 A fine, or imprisonment... and both
248 Lexemes and word forms
247 Thank God for film: Dan Brown without the writing
246 No time for an apostrophe
245 Once is cool, twice is queer
244 Arctic folk at loss for words again
243 Translation quiz: Canadian
242 No word for robins
241 Always accompanied by the qualifier
240 Oxen, sharks, and insects: we need pictures
239 Renowned author Dan Brown staggered through
his formulaic opening sentence
238 Dan Brown still moving very briskly about (4 Nov 2004)
237 The unspeakable (29 Oct 2004)
236 The base (28 Oct 2004)
235 Red Sox win (28 Oct 2004)
234 The Axis of Spam (27 Oct 2004)
233 True Bushian tautologies (24 Oct 2004)
232 Here are the proofs of your grammer book (24 Oct 2004)
231 Bushian tautologies? I don't think so
230 An evening with Nunberg
229 They are a prophet
228 Kerry's French (or Haitian)
227 Language rage in Spain
226 The gopher's eye view
225 His refusal to disgrace herself
224 The self-styled grammarian: no respect
223 Loopy defenses of the shuttle bus sign
222 A westward loop
221 Decisiveness and clause structure
220 This isn't rocket science
219 Plagiarism and coincidence
218 Learn your grammar, Becky
217 A random monkey begins Julius Caesar
216 Sleep your way to ocular health
215 Inexpert and expert phishing spam
214 Forensic syntax for spam detection
213 A dishonest implicature
212 Two bites of authors' remorse
211 Which vs that? I have numbers!
210 Sidney Goldberg on NYT grammar: zero for three
209 A kind word for a new Microsoft product
208 Typography, truth, and politics
207 Purple advertising prose
206 Final periods and quotation marks: harder than you thought
205 What did Cheney say about Kerry and terrorism?
204 The coming death of whom: photo evidence
203 Speaking Puerto Rican
202 Bisexual chic: the facts
201 Los Senadores y El Presidente
200 Not all Bushisms originate with Bush
199 Tear down this wall
198 Stupid contentless political blather
197 A letter from the Lord Quirk
196 The Straight Ones: Dan Everett on the Pirahã
195 Parsing the Duchess
194 Neurotic American English
193 The Duchess on being what you would seem to be
192 The outlandish and the unanswerable
191 Canada Supreme Court gets the grammar right
190 Nothing that cannot impede even by failure
189 Redeemable in cash
188 Very good peppers
187 The acid test of foreign language command
186 Content clauses are not necessarily complement clauses
185 Grammar and essay grading
184 WYSIAANWTG: What You See Is Almost Always
Not What They Get
183 Exit only this lane
182 Only lane bike: road surface psycholinguistics
181 Left turn only
180 Filename generation idiocy.doc
179 Lavatory lexicography
178 Ray Charles, America, and the subjunctive
177 Pronouns with following antecedents in subordinate clauses
176 His speech lacked syntax
175 Jmfuw ovorzuhle mtworo - instant degree!
174 Psycho linguists?
173 Rural-urban bidialectalism and politics
172 One nation [head], under God [adjunct]
171 So now it's dogs that understand language (sigh)
170 At long last
169 People whose email reveals them to be gay
168 Dear Dr Geoff
167 Improved technology: On envelopes and WordPerfect
166 Great communication
165 Wait, wait, don't spell me!
164 The 256 names of... that Swedish guy
163 Wait, wait, don't transcribe me!
162 A thousand things to say about language
161 Word puzzle! Word puzzle!
160 Omit stupid grammar teaching
159 Just as good for hate
158 Natural language and artificial intelligence
157 Squelch squelched, predecease whacked, induce terminated
156 Garfield learns about directives
155 More conjectures and refutations on strict transitivity
154 Illustrating obligatory transitivity
153 Unwanted linguistic material: the spam problem
152 Bush wrongly accused of correct Arabic
151 A simple apageslication
150 Webhits on Google per gigapage: A replacement proposal
149 KiloGhits and megaGhits: measuring web frequency
148 Trademark grammar
147 Not for commitment-phobes: your relationship number
146 Seven years waiting for a reply on Ebonics
145 Microsoft prescriptivism
144 Terror: not even a noun (says Jon Stewart)
143 Fitting names for linguists
142 Language enrollments rocket upward in 1998-2002
141 Snugglebunny is mine
140 Submit a manuscript, go to jail
139 More timewasting garbage, another copy-editing moron
138 No, the burly detective intoned, refusing to agree
137 The sixteen first rules of fiction
136 Serious just for a verbless moment
135 Have you been disgraced?
134 Writing without adjectives
133 Writing prepositionlessly
132 A verbless post
131 Taggaboo, Abboo Grebb, whatever
130 Lie or lay? Some disastrously unhelpful guidance
129 Never mind the sex, feel the rhetoric
128 Two out of three on passives
127 Plausible Angloid gibberish
126 Grammatical complexity and electability
125 A tin ear
124 Get your boyfriend to move it: a speech perception story
123 God bless the multilinguals
122 The Dan Brown code
121 Linguist jokes (2): At the pearly gates
120 The coolest language in the world
119 The mysteries of... what's his name?
118 Digital X-rays, easy; patient's name, unfixable
117 No French please, people are watching
116 I don't really care whom
114 The grim economic life of Scar City
113 Database company to Toyota: Rename that automobile!
112 Multiple coordination: the competition is over
111 At least two linguistic April 1 hoaxes
110 A whiff of evil shit brimstone
109 Alistair and the adjective
108 Spectacular multiple-coordinate examples
107 Sunday's Garfield doesn't count
106 Hunting for multiple-coordinate coordination constructions
105 Irritating cliches? Get a life
104 It wasn't Lexus, it was Lexis!
103 You can't look up everything
102 Don't say "lexeme" or we'll break your legs
101 St@rb*cks claims a whole chunk of the phonetosphere
100 Yesterday's technology tomorrow
99 Clausal coordination of nonidentical illocutions
(parental advisory: nerdy!)
98 A language that no one can learn
97 Linguist jokes (1)
96 Careless talk spreads viruses
95 What gets taught; what gets learned
94 Fine writing at 40% adjective rate
93 Jail copy editors for the right reasons
92 Monkeys saying things again -- NOT
91 Clairvoyance? No, just utterance processing
90 Kudos, cherries and peas
89 Do you wish to use Hmoob?
88 Defining marriage
87 Relating to the cougar in your life
86 Exclusive: Doonesbury rips off Language Log
85 Too complex to avoid judgment?
84 Three is a trend
83 Those who take the adjectives from the table
82 Stupid junk mail envelope blather
81 Camel words: I'm convinced
80 Web sense: Language Log is clean
79 No free speech for spam rage
78 Pronouncing "wronger": where's the evidence?
77 Word counts without lexical facts
76 Words for life, the universe, and everything
75 They can spam
74 The Lotus 1-2-3 position
73 The giant logical spider web of grammar
72 Fight fiercely, Democrats
71 Sasha Aikhenvald on Inuit snow words: a clarification
70 Stupid fake pet communication tricks
69 19th-century asterisks: at last it can be told
68 When did you first hear this pattern?
67 Studying child language in the wild
66 Speaker change in mid sentence
65 Names and descriptions
64 Another snowclone
63 Snowclones: lexicographical dating to the second
62 Gender: just a quick check
61 This isn't poetry, this is abuse
60 Strange linguistics in this week's Economist
59 Something you need to know about me
58 Incall and outcall
57 Pete Rose and sorry statements of the third kind
56 Roseanne, woman of mystery
55 A short sharp slap for Dennis Overbye
54 Transexual, transsexual, and restricted Google searches
53 Schwarzenegger's State of the State speech: two comments
52 Suspicion of charges
51 New words from Silicon Valley
50 Ordinary language philosophy of language: not a good idea
49 Exclusive: God uses like as hedge
48 Beware, corpus fetishists
47 Sex, ethics, pronouns, and culture (warning: adult situations)
46 How to call Cquila's name
45 Twenty thousand new words a year
44 Universities named after linguists
43 Let the witty put-downs begin
42 The dread hand of Effle -- and boredom
41 Passive voice and bias in Reuter headlines
about Israelis and Palestinians
40 Don't read this, it will creep you out
39 Pickle jinxed blogging?
38 Like we used to could
37 We got 'im!
36 Dangling etiquette
35 No, apearances of paradox were deceptive
34 The apparent deceptiveness of the world
33 Sic sic sic
32 Economist follows Language Log
31 Verb-modifying "far from" in 18thC pornography
30 Lexicographical collages
29 Hammer, jammer, slammer, stammer, grammar
28 Punctuation: the rest of the story
27 No foot in mouth
26 The rigors of fieldwork trips
25 Postcard from Vegas, 3: regularly-inflected plurals exclusion?
I don't think so
24 Postcard from Vegas, 2: syntactic data collection on the strip
23 Postcard from Vegas, 1: twilight-zone semantics
22 Like, I care whether semantics are or is?
21 Six nouns deep or more
20 Ever heard a Chomsky sentence?
19 It's like, so unfair
18 Right-justified fixed-width raw text, no padding
17 Brevity
16 Corpus fetishism
15 Broken English from Ahnold?
14 Once King, always King
13 Secret cabals of the linguistic elite
12 Another eggcorn
11 Linguistic punditocracy: the Rockridge Institute
10 What language are we in, mon ami?
9 Phrases for lazy writers in kit form
8 Up they turned
7 Economist blender blunder
6 IAEA yippy yippy yie
5 Bleached conditionals
4 Italics and stuff
3 Menand's acumen deserts him
2 Bill Bryson forever: infinite thoughts
1 Verb semantics and justifying war