Geoffrey K. Pullum: Curriculum Vitae, Publications, and Other Information

Basic personal and biographical information
Browsable list of my books
Browsable full listing of professionally relevant publications
Browsable full listing of conference paper presentations given
Browsable full listing of invited public lectures and colloquia given
Browsable full listing of my posts on the old Language Log Classic site
Browsable full listing of my radio talks about language on Australia's ABC Radio National
Three online articles about Dan Brown in New York magazine
Fairly brief biography (340 words)
Somewhat longer biography (1500 words)
Fully comprehensive curriculum vitae in PDF format, includes everything; 31 pages of A4 paper.
Medium-sized curriculum vitae in PDF format, excluding most conference papers and invited lectures: 19 pages, American letter size paper.
Compressed medium-length curriculum vitae, PDF, 12 pages, American letter-size paper or alternatively medium-length curriculum vitae, PDF, 11 pages, A4 paper.
Radically shortened curriculum vitae (PDF, 4 pages, A4 paper)
For Word fans (if any), a one-page curriculum vitae in Microsoft Word format, 1 page, A4 paper)

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