Reviews of The Origins of Meaning

In regular journals, also in print

Dean Falk, in Nature,
Roy Harris, in THES.
Derek Bickerton, in Language and Communication
Alison Wray, in Functions of Language.
Ruth Kempson, in Language
Mark Aronoff, in The Quarterly Review of Biology
Klaus Zuberbühler, in Journal of Human Evolution
Grover Hudson, in The Linguist List
John Dance, in Journal of Consciousness Studies
Teresa Bejarano, to appear in Teorema
Nick Enfield, in TLS (scanned PDF)
Evelina Leivada and Ana M. Suarez in Biolinguistics
Michael Corballis, in Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.
Martin Edwardes, in Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.
Felipe De Brigard, in Philosophical Psychology
Jen Maceyko, in Science and Spirit

Online, unsolicited

Sue Browning, of the Society for Editors and Proofreader (online review)
Michael Bycroft, at Popular Science website -- ``gristly and unsweetened, ... but a feast of insights''
John Ferngrove, Amazon book review
``Wow, super sciency. Interesting, but my head was spinning. Good for scientists, philosophers, and very smart people.'' (Jen)