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Research interests
Sound change, tone and register, language and music, languages of Southeast Asia

This just in
"Songs in tonal languages". Curiosity Daily, 14 July 2019.

Kirby, J., Ladd, D.R. 2019. Effects of obstruent voicing on vowel F0: implications for laryngeal realism. Yearbook of Poznań Linguistic Meeting 4 (2018), 213-235.

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Yingyi Zhou, James Kirby. An acoustic study of Zhajin Gan tone. ICPhS 2019, Melbourne, 7 August 2019.
James Kirby, Gwendolyn Hyslop. Acoustic analysis of onset voicing in Dzongkha obstruents. ICPhS 2019, Melbourne, 7 August 2019.

Research projects
Singing in tone: Text-setting constraints in Southeast Asia (AHRC, 2015-2017)
From voicing to register: the evolution of a sound change in Southeast Asia (AHRC, 2018-2020, with Marc Brunelle)
EVOTONE: The emergence and evolution of linguistic tone (ERC Starting Grant, 2018-2023)

Other places
4th International Workshop on Sound Change
Phonetics and Phonology at Edinburgh
Journal of Laboratory Phonology