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Research interests
Sound change, tone and register, language and music, languages of Southeast Asia

This just in
Kirby, J., Đinh, G. L. (2017). On the r>h shift in Kiên Giang Khmer. Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society 10(2), 66-85.

Shoemark, P., Kirby, J., Goldwater, S. (2017). Topic and audience effects on distinctively Scottish vocabulary usage in Twitter data. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Stylistic Variation (EMNLP 2017), 59-68.

On deck
Singing in tone: Text-setting constraints in tone languages. Cambridge University Linguistic Society, 3 May 2018.

Other places
4th International Workshop on Sound Change
Phonetics and Phonology at Edinburgh
Journal of Laboratory Phonology