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Research interests
Sound change, tone and register, language and music, languages of Southeast Asia

This just in
Kirby, J., Hall-Lew, L., Honeybone, P., eds. (2019; in progress). Individuals, communities, and sound change. Special collection, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics.

On deck
5th Workshop on Sound Change, University of California, Davis, 21-23 June 2019.

Current projects
Singing in tone: Text-setting constraints in Southeast Asia (AHRC, 2015-2017)
From voicing to register: the evolution of a sound change in Southeast Asia (AHRC, 2018-2020, with Marc Brunelle)
EVOTONE: The emergence and evolution of linguistic tone (ERC Starting Grant, 2018-2023)

Other places
4th International Workshop on Sound Change
Phonetics and Phonology at Edinburgh
Journal of Laboratory Phonology