I teach Online Experiments for Language Scientists, which is an introduction to building web experiments in jsPsych, and Origins and Evolution of Language, a broad overview of evolutionary linguistics. From time to time I also teach Simulating Language, which offers an introduction to computational models of language evolution. As well as being open to undergraduates these are all core courses on the MSc in the Evolution of Language and Cognition.

I taught on Philosophy and the Sciences, a freely-available online course on Coursera - you can watch my lecture with Suilin Lavelle on YouTube.

I am supervising Henry Conklin, Shawn Guo, Yajun Liu, Vlad Nedelcu, Anna Kapron-King, Johanna Basnak, Maisy Hallam, and Ponrawee Prasertsom on their PhDs. I supervised Svenja Wagner, Jonas Nolle, Tamar Johnson, Andres Karjus, Fiona Kirton, Cathleen O'Grady, Marieke Woensdregt, Jon Carr, Lucia Castillo, Carmen Saldana, Jasmeen Kanwal, Yasamin Motamedi-Mousavi, Matt Spike, Kevin Stadler, James Winters, Alan Nielsen, Mark Atkinson, Vanessa Ferdinand, Bill Thompson, Catriona Silvey, Justin Sulik and Sean Roberts at Edinburgh, and Jennifer Sturm did her PhD with me at Northumbria.