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PGC 2005

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Postgraduate Conference 2005

Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd April 2005

Organisers: Dave Hawkey, Clare Huxley, Robert Maier, Ian Underwood.*

The Postgraduate Conference (PGC) is annually held:

  • to provide postgraduate students (PhD students in particular) a forum in which they can present their latest work and gain experience in conference presentation;
  • to give students and staff members an opportunity to learn what other PhD students are working on; and
  • to bring a sense of closure to the end of the academic year - a check point people can refer back to in order to assess the progress they have made.
Postgraduate students, second year or later, are required to give a talk.

*Please note: this is the PGC website's twelfth year of operation. Inevitably, a certain amount of clutter has developed in the file structure over those years, and so some reconstruction seemed appropriate. If you find that any of the links or images have gone astray, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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