Warren Maguire - Research
My research is focused on the phonology, synchronic and diachronic, of dialects of English and Scots in Britain and Ireland (especially those in southern Scotland, northeast England, and Ulster). I am particularly interested in:
  • Pre-R Dentalisation (the dental pronunciation of certain coronal consonants before R), a feature shared by Northern English, Irish English and Scots dialects
  • My native English dialect of southwest Tyrone and its synchronic and diachronic phonology (including the roles English, Scots and Irish played in its development)
  • The synchronic and diachronic phonology of traditional English dialects in Northeast England, with a particular interest in the dialect of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne
  • The linguistic analysis of 19th century Tyneside dialect literature, especially the works of Thomas Wilson and Ned Corvan
  • The phonological history of Scots, from the Old English period till the present day
  • Phonological mergers and their reversal, especially the 'NURSE-NORTH Merger' in Tyneside English and the 'MEAT-MATE Merger' in Mid-Ulster English
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