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CLASS is the Committee for Language Awareness in Scottish Schools, and was established in 2005 to promote the study of language in primary and secondary schools in Scotland.  We aim to do this primarily by improving links between schools and universities in Scotland.  We also aim for CLASS to be driven by the needs of teachers, and therefore always welcome input from as many teachers as possible.  The following people are currently members of CLASS:

Graeme Trousdale (Chair) –University of Edinburgh
Ailsa Clarke – Royal High School, Edinburgh
Barbara Fennell – University of Aberdeen
Joan Beal – University of Sheffield
Andrew Philp –University of Glasgow
Pauline Sangster – University of Edinburgh
Helen Gillard – St Georges, Edinburgh
John Corbett – University of Glasgow
Jim McGonigal –University of Glasgow
Chris Robinson – Scottish Language Dictionaries, Edinburgh
Richard Easton – University of Edinburgh
April McMahon – Head of School, PPLS, Edinburgh
James Robertson – author
Matthew Fitt – author
Heinz Giegerich – University of Edinburgh
Adrian Beard – York St. John University
Linda Craig – University of Aberdeen
Bob Ladd – University of Edinburgh
Patrick Honeybone- University of Edinburgh
Nik Gisborne – University of Edinburgh
Bettina Montgomery - Beeslack High School
Alan Sleater - Galashiels Academy
Jamie Bryson - Earlston High School
Will Barras - University of Edinburgh
Catherine Hill - Peebles High School
Linda Craig - University of Aberdeen
Sandra Weyland - Albyn School
Margaret Kinahan - Selkirk High
Nicky Coull - Montrose Academy
Jaine Dutton - Montrose Academy
Jenny Allen - Scottish NATE
Catherine Wylie - Alva Academy
Rosemary Ward - Bord Na Gaidhlig
Geoff Pullum - University of Edinburgh

We are currently looking for more teachers who would be interested in joining the committee.  We have one annual general meeting, held in Edinburgh – we can pay travel expenses for those coming from outside Edinburgh – and correspond via e-mail during the rest of the year.  Please e-mail Graeme Trousdale if you would be interested in joining the committee.

You can download the minutes of previous meetings via the link on the left.