Poster session 2: Friday, 21 April 14:30-16:00

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Title Author(s)
Dual mechanisms of cognitive control modulate the integration of phonological variation Grant M. Berry
Mergers-in-Progress in Cantonese-English bilinguals Lauretta Cheng, Molly Babel, Chang Liu, Yao Yao
A re-appraisal of rhoticity in Indian English: Variants of /r/ and their distribution in Hindi-English Claire Cowie, Anita Klinger
The long-term impact of glide and close vowel changes in Latin András Cser
Social evaluation explains actuation in sound change Meg Cychosz, Keith Johnson
Modelling social aspects of sound change with the Kamoso framework Daniel Duran, Jagoda Bruni, Grzegorz Dogil
Dialect change in a multicultural metropolis: The role of ethnicity in the London diphthong system Shivonne M. Gates
Acoustic evidence from spontaneous speech for sound change in Korean sibilants Jeffrey Holliday, Eun Jong Kong
Pitch-pattern diffusion of generational tone change in North Kyungsang Korean English loanwords Young Hwang, Stuart Davis
Individual differences in Kurtöp tonogenesis Gwendolyn Hyslop
Phonetically gradient dissimilation: evidence from Aberystwyth English Adèle Jatteau, Michaela Hejná
The phonetic basis of tone change in Chinese languages Qian Luo
The status of glides in Mandarin: A synchronic and diachronic study of syllable-internal processes Sarah Mahmood
Black South African English: the changing quality of KIT and NURSE Cornelia Neubert
Phonological merging in Argentina Danish in the light of linguistic attrition Jan Heegård Petersen, Gert Foget Hansen
Dialectal variation and change in production and perception of the Korean fricative contrast Jessamyn Schertz, Yoonjung Kang
Segmental and suprasegmental glottalizations give rise to different sound change patterns Ruiqing Shen, Qing Lin
The long and winding road between groups and individuals: a non-linear approach to changing liquids Márton Sóskuthy, Jane Stuart-Smith, Rachel Macdonald, Robert Lennon, Farhana Alam
Phonetic variation among reflexes of murmured plosives in Pakistani Punjabi Wen-Chi Yeh, Jonathan P. Evans