Poster session 3: Saturday, 22 April 10:15-11:45

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Title Author(s)
In situ perspectives on retraction - Austinites on Troublemaker Shtreet Wiebke Ahlers, Alexander Bergs
“C’est ton ami ou ton amie ?” A sociolinguistic explanation of the loss of inflectional-induced quantity opposition in modern French Florent Chevalier
The role of fast speech in sound change Uriel Cohen Priva, Emily Gleason, Lee Edelist
Modelling similarity-driven phonologization Deepthi Gopal, Henri Kauhanen, Stephen Nichols
Reconsidering preventive dissimilation: similarity and co-occurrence in sound change Gunnar Ólafur Hansson
Hormonal organizing effects and sound change from below Míša Hejná, Claire Cochrane, Lauren Ackerman, Joel C. Wallenberg
Resistant of sound change? Re-evaluating NORMs Luise Jansen
Rhotic variation and change in two Scottish localities Thomas Jauriberry, Rudolph Sock, Albert Hamm
The role of linguistic input in children’s perception of vowel changes in progress: The FACE and GOAT vowels in York Ella Jeffries
Prosodic accommodation as a driver of sound change Jiseung Kim
The role of articulatory settings in explaining apparent contradictions in the order of diffusion José María Lahoz-Bengoechea
A study of the role of articulatory and social factors in coda /r/ lenition Eleanor Lawson, Jane Stuart-Smith, James M. Scobbie
Sound change in Dalian Mandarin: vectors of change, levelling and prestige Yang Li, Shichao Wang
Routinised mobility and vowel change at the individual and community levels in the North East of England Carmen Llamas, Dominic Watt, Peter French, Almut Braun, Duncan Robertson
Abstractions or exemplars? How context filters the acoustic signal and guides sound change Jonathan Manker
Catching a distinction before it disappears Peggy Mok, Vivian Guo Li, Alan C.L. Yu
The onset voicing effect during sound change: evidence from Dutch labiodental fricatives Anne-France Pinget
The role of gender and power in language change Nicole Rosen, Lanlan Li
Toward building a more comprehensive sound change database Lauren Spradlin
Reanalysis of Tyneside linking /r/: Are younger speakers reversing the trend toward word-level deletion? Jasmine Warburton, Danielle Turton