Poster session 1: Thursday, 20 April 14:30-16:00

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Title Author(s)
Speaker variability in cue weighting for laryngeal contrasts: the relationship to sound change Hye-Young Bang, Morgan Sonderegger, Meghan Clayards
Generational and individual trends: Vocalic compression in the California Vowel Shift Annette D’Onofrio, Janneke Van Hofwegen, Teresa Pratt
Sporadic nasalization of /h/: the loss of a rare contrast in Mixean Basque Ander Egurtzegi
Stages of tonogenesis in Punjabi Jonathan P. Evans, Wen-Chi Yeh
On the retention of an old feature in the Tamang dialect of Taglung Jiayin Gao, Martine Mazaudon
Evidence of sound change in British English crowdsourced using the ‘English Dialects App’ Adrian Leemann, David Britain, Tam Blaxter
Mouse tracking reveals differences in the timecourse of /r/ perception in two Glaswegian sociolects Robert Lennon, Jane Staurt-Smith, Rachel Smith
On the diachronic change of liquids in onset clusters and codas across Tibetan varieties Vitor Leongue
In crowd(ing): convergence in the short vowel system of young RP speakers Erez Levon, Sophie Holmes-Elliott
Undoing the “lazy accent”: Gender, age and language attitude in reversing Hong Kong Cantonese tone merger via phonetic imitation Jin Luo, Yao Yao
Parallel articulation as a mechanism of emergence of new phonemes Pavel Machač, David Lukeš
Representational considerations in models of sound change Rebecca Morley
Listeners misattribute coarticulation on lax vowels to speaker height Anne Pycha, Georgia Zellou
Effect of distributional shape on target learning Emily Sadlier-Brown, C. L. Hudson Kam
Intraspeaker variation and the actuation of sound change: the case of Quebec French Hugo Saint-Amant Lamy
Sound change in Bernese German - Illustrated by Staub’s Law Christa Schneider
Regularization can be explained by transmission noise alone Klaas Seinhorst
Understanding tonal change in tonal acoustic space: data from Northern Min Chinese Ruiqing Shen
Raising or lowering: The effect of aspiration-induced f0 perturbation in Lili Wu Menghui Shi, Yiya Chen, Maarten Mous
Gestural delay or gestural reduction? Covert articulatory variation in ongoing /l/-vocalisation Patrycja Strycharczuk, James Scobbie
Individual differences in the phonetic realization of the Japanese stop-voicing contrast Mieko Takada, Eun Jong Kong, Kiyoko Yoneyama, Mary E. Beckman
Regional variation in ‘Panjabi English’: the realisation of /r/ in two English contact varieties Jessica Wormald