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current courses

Pragmatics, Empirical Methods

previous courses and contributed lectures

Pragmatics, syllabus
Introduction to Cognitive Science, syllabus
Psycholinguistics, syllabus
Linguistics & English Language 1, Lectures on Meaning and Text
Human Cognition: Science & Application to Society, Lecture on Ambiguity and Inference
Empirical Methods (2012,2017), syllabus
Introduction to Language Research (2012-2015), syllabus
Pragmatics of Linguistic Communication (2012-2018), syllabus
Anaphora & Coherence, at NASSLLI, Rutgers University (2016), slides
Processing Discourse Coherence, LSA Summer Institute, University of Chicago (2015), syllabus
Discourse, Stanford University (2011) syllabus
Introduction to Syntax, Stanford University (2010) syllabus
Meaning, Northwestern University (2010) syllabus
Introduction to Computational Linguistics, Northwestern University (2009,2010) syllabus
Formal Analysis of Words and Sentences, Northwestern University (2009) syllabus

phd students

Students (co-)supervised to completion: Alex Lorson (2022), Luca Bevacqua (2021), Ernisa Marzuki (2020), Josiah King (2019), Madeleine Long (2018), Jia Loy (2017), Christoph Hesse (2015), Diego Román (2014), Joseph Tyler (2012)

Current students: Hans Wilke, Christy Junyuan Gu, Esperanza Ramos Badaya, Wei Li, Nora Wolf, Vilde Reksnes, Zack Situ, Sayaka Hinata, Kelly Cheuk