Dr Joseph Gafaranga

Senior Lecturer

Linguistics and English Language

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

The University of Edinburgh

Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street

Edinburgh EH8 9AD


Tel: +44 (0)131 650 3496

Fax: +44 (0)131 650 3962




My research interests are in the general area of language as actually used by real people in natural social contexts. I teach, do research and supervise in Discourse and Conversation Analysis, with a preference for bilingual conversation and doctor-patient interaction.

Recent Research grants

(i)    Res-000-22-1165 (ESRC) investigated language shift and maintenance among bilingual Rwandans in Belgium

(ii)   AHRC 112778 (AHRC) developed an account of language alternation among bilingual speakers from a Conversation Analytic perspective.

(iii)   SG-46729 (The British Academy) was used to initiate research collaboration with Rwandan academics on work and life in three languages in Rwanda.

(iv)   SGS/36299 (The Nuffield Foundation) supported research on language policy and practices at the Rwandan Parliament

(v)   CZG2330 (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government) was used to investigate the differences between face-to-face and telephone consultations (with H. Hewitt and B Mckinstry)

(vi)   Numerous small projects and travel grants from the University of Edinburgh

Click here to view publications from these and earlier projects.


My current teaching load includes Introduction to Discourse Analysis; Discourse Analysis, Discourse Studies and Language and Identity in Bilingual Settings and Bilingualism.


I am Programme Director for the MSc in Applied Linguistics and Director of Studies (for a group of undergraduate students).