Who works here

The LEC is a research group in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, comprised of several core members of staff, researchers on a variety of externally funded projects, PhD students supervised within the LEC, and Masters students on the MSc in the Evolution of Language and Cognition. In addition, we have associate members who are involved in collaborative research both within the University of Edinburgh and elsewhere and often attend lab meetings.

Staff: Jim Hurford, Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith, Jennifer CulbertsonMichael Dunn, Olga Feher, Marieke Schouwstra, Monica Tamariz, Christine Cuskley, Isabelle Dautriche

Associate members: Richard Blythe, Nicolas Claidiere, Chris Cummins, Rob TruswellElizabeth Wonnacott

PhD students: Mark Atkinson, Rachael Bailes, Jon Carr, Jasmeen Kanwal, Yasamin Motamedi, Alan Nielsen, Cathleen O’Grady, Carmen Saldana, Matt Spike, Kevin Stadler, James Winters, Marieke Woensdregt