Fourth International Conference on the Evolution of Language

Evolution of Language:
Fourth International Conference, 2002.

Harvard University

Wednesday March 27th --- Saturday March 30th

This is the fourth conference in the series, continuing from Edinburgh/1996, London/1998, and Paris/2000.

Local Organizer: Tecumseh Fitch (Harvard University)
Location: Harvard Science Center,
just off Harvard Yard and a short
walk from Harvard Square. MAP

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Plenary speakers

Leslie Aiello (University College, London)
David Caplan (Harvard University & Massachusetts General Hospital)
Ray Jackendoff (Brandeis University)
Philip Lieberman (Brown University)
Partha Niyogi (University of Chicago)
Martin Nowak (Princeton University)
Michael Studdert-Kennedy (Haskins Laboratories)
Amotz Zahavi (Tel Aviv University)

Round-table discussion: participants

Noam Chomsky (M.I.T.)
Marc Hauser (Harvard University)
Michael Studdert-Kennedy (Haskins Laboratories)
This roundtable discussion will take place on the last day of the conference (March 30th) and will last for about two hours. Participation from the audience is expected.

Symposium on Costly Signalling Theory: Implications for the Origins of Language.

This one-day symposium is being organized by Chris Knight, as part of the conference. The plenary talk by Amotz Zahavi will initiate the symposium, after which the symposium will run in parallel with other sessions of the conference.

Programme Committee Post-conference publication Language Policy

Further information

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We gratefully
The Harvard Coop
Organizing Committee:
Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)
Jean-Louis Dessalles (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris)
Tecumseh Fitch (Harvard University)
James R Hurford (University of Edinburgh)
Chris Knight (University of East London)
Michael Studdert-Kennedy (Haskins Laboratories)
Alison Wray (Cardiff University)