Verb movement in contemporary Faroese: presentations

January 2007. Heycock. Investigating embedded V2 and/or V-to-I in Faroese. Presentation at the NORMS Workshop on Verb Placement, Reykjavik.

May 2007. Heycock. Collecting and interpreting acceptability judgments using Magnitude Estimation. Presentation at the US-Iceland NSF Workshop, Reykjavik.
Powerpoint presentation.

January 2008. Heycock. Speakers who can't make up their minds? Investigating variability in Faroese syntax. Invited talk, Stockholm University.

January 2008. Heycock. Locating finite verbs in Faroese. Invited talk, Lund University.
Powerpoint presentation, Handout of slides.

March 2008. Heycock, Sorace, Hansen. Verb movement and negation in Scandinavian. Paper presented at Continuity and Change in Grammar Conference, Cambridge.
Abstract, Handout.

August 2008. Heycock. Introduction to the Magnitude Estimation Method. Lecture given as part of the NLVN Training Seminar and the 5th NORMS Dialect Workshop.
Powerpoint slides.

July 2009. Heycock. Variability and/or change in the syntax of Faroese. Talk as Visiting Professor, Research Centre on Multilingualism, University of Hamburg.

July 2009. Heycock. Acceptability and grammaticality: Triangulating on I-Language. Workshop as Visiting Professor, Research Centre on Multilingualism, University of Hamburg.

August 2009. Hansen. Syntactic change in Faroese: the view from Kindergarten. Presentation at the 2009 Grand Meeting of ScanDiaSyn.

September 2009. Heycock. Detecting embedded V2: a guide for linguists and children. Invited talk, Workshop on Root Phenomena, ZAS, Berlin.

September 2009. Heycock, Sorace, Hansen, Wilson. On the acquisition (or not) of verb movement to inflection. Presentation at the 50th Annual Meeting of the LAGB, Edinburgh.

September 2009. Heycock, Sorace, Hansen, Wilson. (Re)discovering an auxiliary/main verb distinction in Scandinavian children. Presentation at GALA, Lisbon.
Draft of proceedings paper. Please check with authors before citing.

November 2009. Heycock. On the t(r)ail of a syntactic change: Verb movement in Faroese. Departmental seminar, Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

November 2009. Heycock. Assessing variation in Germanic: Are the Faroes really between Iceland and Denmark? Departmental seminar, Department of Linguistics, Yale University

February 2010. Heycock. On the acquisition of Faroese clausal structure. Invited talk as visiting researcher, CASTL, University of Tromsø.

June 2010. Heycock and Sorace. Acquisition in variation (and vice versa). Keynote talk, ScanDiaSyn/N'CLAV Grand Meeting
Handout of slides from talk.

June 2010. Bentzen, Garbacz and Heycock. The movement of verbs around Scandinavia. Invited talk, NORMS Closing Seminar, University of Tromsø.

June 2010. Heycock. Variability and variation in agreement in copular clauses: Evidence from Faroese. Presentation, Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW) 25.
Handout of slides from talk.

October 2010. Heycock. Verb movement in Faroese: Riding the tail of the S-shaped curve Invited talk, Conference on Nordic Language Variation: Grammatical, Sociolinguistic and Infrastructural Perspectives. Reykjavik, 7-9 October

June 2011. Heycock. Tailing off: Tracing the late stages of a syntactic chnage in Faroese Keynote address, 13th Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DIGS), University of Pennsylvania

June 2012. Heycock. Loss of mobility: Why Scandinavian V-to-I keeps getting mislaid Keynote address, 27th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Yale University.
Slides from talk.

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