vPhon is a phonetizer for Vietnamese written in Python. It accepts UTF-8 Vietnamese orthographic input and returns UTF-8 IPA output in one of three dialectal variants.

Command-line vPhon

The command line version of vPhon is a short Python script requiring UTF-8 input. It takes an obligatory argument specifying one of three dialects (northern, central, or southern). Input can come from either specifiying a UTF-8 textfile as an argument, by piping UTF-8 text to the process, or interactively via STDIN.

vPhon is now available at Github.

Citing vPhon

If you use vPhon for a project or paper, please cite it as:

Kirby, James. 2008. vPhon: a Vietnamese phonetizer (version 0.2.5b). Retrieved on <date> from <URL>.