Summer 2017

Synchrony and diachrony of tonation in Southeast Asia (with Marc Brunelle)
Chulalongkorn Summer School of Southeast Asian Linguistics


MSc Introduction to Phonology and Phonetics (LASC11031)
Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology (LASC10090/LASC11137)
Special Topics in Phonetics (LASC10101/LASC11140)

Summer 2015

Computational Approaches to Sound Change (with Morgan Sonderegger) (code)
2015 Linguistic Institute, University of Chicago


MSc Introduction to Phonology and Phonetics (LASC11031)
Computational Phonology (LASC10081)
LEL2B: Phonetic Analysis and Empirical Methods (LASC08018)
LEL2D: Cross-linguistic Variation: Limits and Theories (LASC08020)

Summer 2013

Computational Modeling of Sound Change (with Morgan Sonderegger) (code)
2013 Linguistic Institute, University of Michigan

Summer 2012

Cơ sở ngữ âm học và âm vị học (Foundations of phonetics and phonology)
University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Formal and Computational Approaches to Phonology (with Julian Bradfield) (slides)
24th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, Opele, Poland


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  • computational/statistical approaches to phonology?
  • phonetic fieldwork?
  • tone and voice quality?
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