Proceedings 1996 of the Edinburgh Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics And Applied Linguistics

This online volume contains papers presented at the Edinburgh Postgraduate Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Departmental Conference on May 27th-29th 1996.

The volume has been divided into four sections:

The papers are placed on the site individually in encapsulated postscript (EPS) format; however, they form a single coherent issue which is numbered consecutively, and has a standardised layout. The postscript documents were generated by means of LaTeX. As most original contributions were submitted in Word 6 format, the Word-LaTeX conversion macro developed by Allin Cottrell proved invaluable for preparing the text.


Readers are free to download or print out any or all of the papers as long as they are not altered in any way, or reproduced in any other form without the consent of the authors. Copyright rests with the authors, who also retain full rights to reproduce their material in any other publication or form in the future.

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Less legalistically, these papers represent a fair summary of the research work in the language sciences currently going on at Edinburgh, and we have put them online to publicise our work -- warts and all! -- but most of all to bring about an exchange of ideas with other researchers and readers. So if you find any of these papers interesting, controversial, dubious, or otherwise worthy of comment, please use the e-mail addresses supplied to let the author know what you think.

Even more than that, if you are a research student (or even if you are not) and you organise, or are published on, or otherwise know about any similar local online series, or working papers, then contact us here and tell us about your series.

Finally, we would like to thank the computer staff of Edinburgh Linguistics Department who helped with the technical side of turning these Online Proceedings into a reality. Thanks also go to Bob Ladd and Antonella Sorace for their work in organising the Conference in May, and to the Heads of Departments Keith Mitchell (Applied Linguistics), Ronnie Cann (Linguistics, at the time of the Conference) and Jim Miller (Linguistics, now).

John Cleary, Dept. of Applied Linguistics
Diego Mollá-Aliod, Dept. of Linguistics

Editors, 1996 Issue

Phonology and Phonetics


Semantics and Pragmatics

Applied Linguistics

Last updated: December 11th 1996