Cơ sở ngữ âm học và âm vị học

Aims and objectives

This course provides an intensive introduction to phonology and phonetics. It presupposes no background in the field but recognises that many students will have some familiarity with some of the ideas and terminology. It devotes considerable attention to practical problems of linguistic analysis such as transcription and interpretation of instrumental records.

Textbooks and resources:

I will try to make the lecture slides as self-contained as possible. Lecture slides and exercises will be posted here after each lecture. However, you may benefit from readings drawn from the following texts:

Odden, D. 2005. Introducing phonology. Cambridge University Press.
Ladefoged, P. 2005. Vowels and consonants. Wiley-Blackwell.
Đoàn Thiện Thuật. 1977. Ngữ âm tiếng Việt. NXBĐHQGHN.

The syllabus is available here.


Assignments: 20%
Midterm: 30%
Final exam: 50%

The midterm will cover basic transcription and phonological theory (features, phonemes and allophones, rules and rule ordering); the final exam will be cumulative, including material similar to the midterm, plus questions on the acoustic phonetics material covered during the last week of class.